LC Yau: Creating the eMRO One-Stop-Shop


What do Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, Jeff Bezos from Amazon and LC Yau from Jabil have in common? They each made it easier to connect buyers and sellers over the internet through innovative platforms.

Yau is a purchasing manager at Jabil’s Wuxi site in China. She traveled to St. Petersburg for the Deliver Best Practices competition to present her team’s online system for streamlining the procurement of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supplies and equipment. This new service greatly reduced lead times and increased productivity across the Wuxi site.

The journey to St. Petersburg began with issues faced by Wuxi’s MRO group; the team responsible for ordering items for the site such as gloves and stationary as well as larger items like machinery and construction equipment. These items are often critical to workcell production and an inefficient MRO could have negative effects that could potentially halt production. In larger sites, where there are high volumes of requests for quotes, MRO systems can become overwhelmed.

The MRO group at Wuxi was receiving an average of 600 requests for quotes per week and it was taking five days to respond to the customer. Yau and her team set out to improve the process for requesting a quote and created goals to reduce weekly quote inquiries by 20%, reduce weekly requests for quote processing time by 50% and reduce the customer wait from five days to three days.

“We can use online shopping hassle free,” stated Lau, “but at Jabil it takes at least 5 days for our customer to receive a quote inquiry.” This realization inspired the team to look at e-commerce models used by companies such as eBay and Amazon. As a result, they developed the eMRO platform, an easy-to-use shopping tool, similar to e-commerce sites.

Since its implementation, eMRO has had many positive impacts, such as an 88 percent reduction in the request for quote process time and a decrease in the number of days customers have to wait for a response to their inquiry from five days to two days.

The five females participating on the One Stop Shop’s eight-person team showed strong leadership as they developed an innovative tool that has been adopted by not only their site’s Operations department but at other Jabil locations.

Congratulations to LC Yau and her team for driving a positive change at Jabil and making it to the final round of the Deliver Best Practice competition

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