Meet Some Jabil Joules

Visit the Explore page weekly to learn more about our Jabil Joules. Contact us at if you’d like to nominate a Joule to be profiled.

15 Responses to Meet Some Jabil Joules

  1. Kathryn Vetter says:

    Great profiles on two outstanding women at Jabil. I like both the personal and professional aspects of the profiles. I can’t wait to find out who is featured next!

  2. Joyce Zhou says:

    It’s a cool blog!And I love the profiles! They show us not only the professionalism/career growth but also the unique traits of a Female leader.

  3. Catherine Durden says:

    I am so excited to have found this blog, I think the profiles are a great idea. I work in the corporate office and while I have not directly worked with Stephanie, I have spoken with her and been a few meetings with her and she’s a great energy to have in the company. She’s definitely someone I’d consider to be model of a successful career woman.

  4. Maria Yan says:

    They are excellent, learn from them.

  5. Michelle Binnie says:

    Loving this! What a great idea. Ways to see people we wouldn’t ordinarily, and a short catchy profiling mechanism makes this a really interesting read. Fantastic. 🙂

  6. Chaunte Peterson says:

    I’m glad this blog was sent to me. I believe it is important to have women leaders that set an excellent example for us. I appreciated both profiles. I work very closely with Stephanie and she is definitely someone to look up to. Keep it up!!!

  7. Amie Angel says:

    Fantastic to have the opportunity to read the profiles of these outstanding women. It shows me that there are others aspiring for excellence both at work and in their personal lives!

  8. Gabor Toth says:

    We have great female leaders at Jabil! I love this blog!

  9. Diana Bispo says:

    I just discovered this “jewel”! Thank you for making this a reality at Jabil for all of us to explore and learn from great leadership.

  10. Réka says:

    Hello everybody,
    i’m so sorry that somehow the blog stopped? What is the plan with that?

  11. HL Yan-Jabil Huangpu Automotive Quality Manager says:

    All the good example is leading us; We had led Huangpu automotive team to approach business growth from 2 million to >200 million in 2013, single digit ppm for customer satisfaction;
    We got the DBP in 2011; My next destination is JEDII engineering prexy;
    I commit to train up excellent engineer for you with our great team. Please come with your expectation.

  12. Beth says:

    Jabil Joules Rock…..what a bunch of powerful, positive people we have at Jabil! Thank you all for sharing and contributing.

  13. Bill Peters says:

    I’m not one to “comment” at the bottom of articles or content, but I just wanted to thank all of you for sharing these profiles. It makes me smile and fills me with pride to see all the wonderful, talented women we have at Jabil! Thank you for being part of our team!!

  14. Cydi García says:

    I did enjoy this wonderfull idea!. Ways to learn from people you know and will not get the chance to meet them. And all of that makes this a really interesting read. Fantastic Way to go!!

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