Leading Diversity and Inclusion Through Talent Acquisition

Author: Peggy Ho, Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition

Peggy Ho joined Jabil’s Nypro China group as the Senior Human Resources Director in July 2012 and has since been transitioned into Jabil’s Green Point organization, first assuming the Human Resources compliance functions. Then, in 2015, Peggy began leading talent acquisition and reports to Jessica Shyu, vice president of human resources for Jabil Green Point.

Having a tenured career in the human resources field has greatly prepared me for my current role in Jabil’s Green Point division. I’ve leveraged my previous experiences at multinational companies like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer to help drive diversity and inclusion in the global talent acquisition department. Throughout my career, I found myself reading articles and reports on diversity and inclusion to learn best practices for ensuring employees’ voices are heard in a corporation.

Peggy Ho’s team leads managers through the workshops

Diversity and inclusion helps optimize the capability of our workforce by bringing together different perspectives. It also exemplifies Jabil’s culture of understanding, globalization and inclusion, in which people can build a rewarding career. I fully believe it’s important to create an environment where all people are encouraged to draw upon their unique experiences, perspectives and backgrounds to advance the company’s business goals, and I feel honored because in my position at Jabil, I can do just that.

My team is currently in the middle of a campaign to educate leaders to be consciously aware of diversity and inclusion. We held training workshops for hiring managers within Jabil’s Green Point division to create awareness and embed the importance of diversity and inclusion in their thought processes.

The workshops, which include a series of lectures, discussions, case studies and practice sessions, focus on teaching behavioral interviewing skills to help managers uncover unique experiences from the potential new hire. By learning how to ask the right questions, managers can learn how to discover what new skills or viewpoints each candidate can bring to the team.

Based on the responses of pre- and post-training surveys, there was a 68% increased awareness around diversity and inclusion among the hiring managers. My team is extremely proud of the outcomes so far. It’s great to see leaders who are dedicated to establishing an environment for all employees to feel free to use their unique inputs to drive the company toward success.

In order to build an organization with truly diverse talents, it’s important for talent acquisition teams to continue to work closely with leaders to make sure this is a continuous process. When senior leaders model diversity on their own teams and in their own work, it sets the tone for the rest of the company and helps guide everyone down an inclusive path. It’s not a one-off initiative but is something that needs to be carefully reviewed and maintained throughout the life of a company. And my team and I, along with fellow Jabil Joules around the world, are committed to making that happen.

Hiring managers across multiple functions came together to learn about diversity and talent acquisition

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