Lesley Carpinteyro Menendez: Improving Efficiency with the Design Catalog

When the process for production and development on the plant floor needed improvement, Lesley Carpinteyro Menendéz, Industrial Designer at Jabil Guadalajara, and her team were determined to solve the problem.

At Jabil’s 2016 Deliver Best Practices competition, Lesley’s team took first place in the Beyond the Factory category for their project, “Design Catalog,” which helped establish standard and ergonomic workstations to increase productivity on the plant floor.

After conducting a company survey, the team discovered three improvement opportunities that were the top contributors to 80 percent of the overall problem. Based on the problem, they defined a goal to reduce lead time by 50 percent, reduce rework rate by 50 percent and accomplish standard and efficient workstations.

Their findings suggested that there was a lack of standard products and efficiency, the process was long because of reworks and there was no product database on the production floor.

Based on this discovery, the team developed an online Design Catalog where employees can request the proper equipment needed for their workstations. In addition, all of the products offered in the catalog aligned with industrial engineering strategies including reduction of touch, cycle time, space layout and movement without electrical power.

Items in the catalog are categorized and contain descriptions, allowing users to determine which pieces of equipment would work best for them. It is continuously updated and requests for products not found in the catalog can also be specially designed to fit workers needs. If the team finds that the newly designed equipment is applicable to the rest of the production floor, they then add it to the catalog.

Since the Design Catalog was such as success at the Guadalajara site, it has been adopted by other Jabil sites including Belo Horizonte, Chihuahua and Penang.

“What we really want is to share it and implement it at all of our Jabil sites,” said Lesley during her Deliver Best Practices presentation. “It doesn’t matter if we’re at Nypro, Jabil or Green Point. We all need our work stations in order to have our production lines.”

In the end, the teams project improved productivity by 400% and earned Jabil $330,000 in savings. In addition, the Design Catalog completely eliminated the number of reworks from 40 percent to 0 percent.

Lesley believes the best thing about Jabil’s culture is inclusion, a trait which was exemplified in their project by involving employees in the decision-making process of what’s needed on the plant floor.

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