Linda Guo: Thinking Creatively to Delight Our Customers


Over the next several weeks, we will be featuring each of our Deliver Best Practices female finalists, their projects and how they embody Jabil’s culture. Check back regularly to learn more about these successful women.

This year was the first time the Suzhou Plastic site has been represented in the global competition. Linda Guo and her 16 project members are extremely proud of this achievement. Linda is a Project Manager in Jabil’s Suzhou Plastic site and said advancing to the global competition in St. Petersburg inspired her team to do their best to keep Jabil Lean and contribute to the company.

Guo’s favorite part of Jabil’s culture is thinking creatively, which is exactly what she and her team’s members did in their “Back Story of a Watch” project. Her team developed a special plastic lathe machine that was able to keep up with demand while reducing costs. The end results were impressive: 89% labor reduction, 78% savings on equipment and 2.6% annual savings for shareholders. The final product impressed the customer so much they paid for the machine and Jabil received 100% of their business.

Linda defines success as getting a good result after putting in a hard effort. Her team experienced this firsthand as they were chosen as one of eight finalists in the Customer Satisfaction category of the Deliver Best Practices competition, which began with 1261 teams.

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