Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance: Estela Cabral Power Hour

Estela Cabral (1)Juggling a demanding career with one’s personal life was the theme of the first Jabil Joules Latin America Power Hour webinar featuring Plant Controller at Jabil Guadalajara, Estela Cabral. Throughout her webinar presentation, Estela shared insights and personal experiences on how she has successfully achieved a healthy work-life balance.

After joining Jabil Guadalajara in 1997 as a Budget & Cost Manager, and becoming Plant Controller just 18 months later, Estela found that her first few years at Jabil were becoming increasingly challenging. After a full day at work, she would often work from home in the evening and on weekends, which left her feeling exhausted.

Although she was passionate about her career, she found it was difficult to juggle her personal time with her work life. Estela knew she had to find a balance in order to be successful and began to reevaluate her routines and behaviors.

She decided to take a step back by taking a part-time job as an Assistant Controller in order to focus on her personal time, being a mother and spending quality time with her children. She began delegating tasks based on talents of other finance team members in order for them to learn, enjoy new responsibilities and grow their talent.

Estela also set boundaries for herself, including refraining from speaking about business during lunch and leaving her laptop at the office while on vacation.

Today, Estela is successful in her role as both a mother of two and as Jabil Guadalajara’s Plant Controller. She has been a key contributor in countless projects and process improvement activities in addition to being a well-respected team member who is an effective influencer across multiple functions.

Her position as a senior finance leader requires constant interaction with her business development and operations colleagues in managing a facility with more than 6,000 employees, multiple manufacturing shifts and dynamic set of commercial challenges with our global operations.

Estela has been part of several initiatives including being an avid sponsor of the Women Empowered program at Jabil Guadalajara, which has now been folded into Jabil Joules.  Estela is a founding member of the steering committee for Jabil Joules Latin America.

Outside of Jabil, Estela has been praised for her demonstrated leadership and success. She has been ranked twice as one of the most powerful women in business in Mexico by CNN’s Expansión Magazine. She was also recently highlighted as one of seven Jabil nominees for this year’s 2016 Women in Manufacturing STEP Ahead Award by the Manufacturing Institute.

Estela’s biggest piece of advice is to be aware of yourself, to be brave and to not be afraid to change your behaviors in order to live a more happy and balanced life. She believes that work-life balance does not mean a perfect life but a happy one where you enjoy life as much as you can.

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  1. Roberto Bayon says:

    Estela is a great Role model!!

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