Making Idea-Sharing Easier. Technology Empowers Diversity

Global Diversity Series 3 of 4

Think about all the communication tools you use in a regular work day. Your phone, text message, email, web conferences, video calls, Google Docs and Hangouts – all of these products bridge a communications gap. Without them, collaborating with co-workers and sharing ideas would be exponentially more difficult.

In a company like Jabil, with locations throughout the world, technology plays a key role in capitalizing on our inherent diversity. Every day, teams utilize tools to communicate and collaborate across the globe. That means, regardless of location, people exchange ideas and solutions across the organization instantaneously.


In this way, technology is the medium from which diversity becomes empowered. When groups of people have the opportunity to communicate with one another, their ideas become that much greater. Technology activates the social capital of a diverse workforce by overcoming the barriers that would otherwise keep us apart.

IBM and Cisco Lead the Way

Companies like IBM embrace the this philosophy and strive to make collaboration feel more natural for their employees. By harnessing the social nature of people, IBM’s collaboration software puts a  corporate spin on popular social media applications. Programs like “Blue Twit” (a proprietary Twitter knockoff) and SocialBlue (an internal social-networking platform strongly resembling Facebook),” make corporate problem solving a social experience for everyone in the organization.

You can’t talk about collaborative tech and leave Cisco out of the conversation. The communications hardware company touts an app called Quad that integrates WebEx along with Twitter, Google+ and personalized RSS feeds to help their employees pull external information. Like IBM, social collaboration is a key for engaging employees across the organization.

Technology has worked to establish a consistency to an organization’s diversity as well. Unleashing such a bountiful source of different ideas and perspectives can be overwhelming, but with the ability to communicate across the globe, companies can organize ideas to greater benefit.

Jabil’s 90+  locations all offer their own unique expertise and capabilities, but at their foundations, they all operate under the same principles as part of the bigger organization of Jabil. And it is this great diversity of ideas and capabilities, brought together through communication technologies, that makes all the difference.

With the right technology and culture of inclusion, diversity becomes less of a buzzword and more of a living, breathing asset to an organization. How has technology changed the way you collaborate?

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