Marina Bryzgina: Balancing Work and Family

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Joining Jabil

A physicist is quite a rare profession in Tver, Russia, and this narrowed the choice of jobs for Marina Bryzgina. So when she heard about Jabil’s plant opening in Tver, it certainly captured her attention. She started in November 2009 and spent the first few days with great deal of enthusiasm learning about everything that Jabil had to offer – running back and forth from the assembly line, verifying all the processes, sorting out the components and talking to different people to learn about everything.

Gender Diversity In The Workplace

Marina says that being a woman can be challenging at times, but so can being a man.  A gender type, in her opinion, does not play a role. She believes that women can make strong executives and work with great responsibility.

Career and Personal Life

Marina met her husband at Jabil and now is a mother to two beautiful twins. Her career does not hinder her personal life, but she says that it not always easy to balance work and family life. As a young mother, she sometimes catches herself thinking that she does not spend enough time with her children. For the most part, she believes that she manages balancing parenting and her career pretty well.

Most Valuable Work Experience

Marina believes that Jabil provides many opportunities for professional development and thanks to having a team atmosphere, it is a favorable working environment. She loves people and has met many at work that have similar interests and spend time outside of work, which is a great incentive for working smarter. “The company is also very loyal to women during their maternity leave and after, when they return to work. Not many companies can boast such loyalty,” says Marina.

Marina Bryzgina 2Her Advice to Women

Read lots of books! Learn from others, both at work and in your personal life. Have a hobby outside of work – a change of activity helps you to carry out your day to day work even better. Find positives in every situation.

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