Marina Kostyk: Developing a Career in the Manufacturing Industry

Industry ‘Confusion’

For many people entering the manufacturing industry without previous experience, there is sometimes the challenge of adapting and learning the ‘language’ of the industry. This can be a daunting experience for new employees. A key example of this is Marina Kostyk. She is a Planning Manager in Uzhgorod and has worked at Jabil for 10 years. Marina summarizes her first experiences of joining Jabil in one word: confusion.

When Marina began her career with Jabil after graduating as an international business student, she found it challenging to understand the processes involved in the manufacturing industry. But she soon realized that Jabil has a wealth of opportunities for those who are willing to develop and succeed. The fact that the manufacturing industry can be a different environment for some to experience upon entry; Marina is evidence that the industry can provide a wide range of opportunities to have a successful career.

Marina began at Jabil as a Planner and this has gave her vast opportunities to learn and develop. An opportunity came up for a planning position and as she was fluent in English and possessed excellent analytical skills, she was encouraged by a colleague to apply. This was the beginning of her Jabil story and she has not looked back.  

Marina used to dream of being a teacher and believes that this is very relevant to her current role as she acts as a trainer in planning and gets personal satisfaction out of coaching her colleagues and sharing her knowledge and experience with them.

The biggest career challenge that Marina has faced during her time with Jabil, was when her team had to quickly set up a new product ramp up that had a very demanding schedule. Processes were set up quickly and effectively, making the project a huge success. Marina described this as a great feeling and one of the best memories.

The Transition to Management

As a female always looking for opportunities to learn and develop in her career, Marina was thrilled to take up her current position of Planning Manager at her site. From the beginning she has always thought about processes and how these could be improved. Becoming a manager has given her the opportunity to put these ideas into practice. At the early stages of her career, she never imagined she could reach a supervisor level, but thanks to the support of company’s tenacious management, she was able to do that. For instance, Marina’s very first mentor, Gordon Brown, always told her about the importance of being proactive to success. 

With Jabil Uzhgorod being one of the biggest employers in the region and country, the site provides people with wonderful opportunities to grow and develop. Marina’s main advice to everyone is to be “proactive as everything is in your hands: your development, career and success.” In the future, Marina would like to advance her skills and competences into the materials department.

Balancing Work and Family Life

Marina is not only celebrating ten years at Jabil, but also ten years of marriage. She notes, “it is important to remember that children stay small for a very short period of time and time spent together is most valuable.” Her child is her biggest priority and although she works, she always makes time for her family and believes this is the secret to a healthy work-life balance. Prioritization and time management are key attributes in her busy lifestyle that helps her achieve both of these..

Marina Kostyk holds an International Business Degree at Transcarpathian State University. She enjoys travelling with her family, reading and doing sports in her spare time.

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