May Lin: Helping to Improve Our Communities & Environment

May Lin 3- 480x260May Lin, Line Supervisor at Taichung Tooling, understands the importance of improving our communities and the environment. May and her seven project members identified an increase in power consumption and high CO2 emissions at their site. With a focus on integrity, they set out to determine the root causes and make necessary changes to reduce power usage and CO2 emission in Taichung.

In order to reduce heat inside the workshop, the team designed 28 oil coolers, added a heat-guiding cover and replaced the previous cooler with an air-cooled chiller. Their project, “Green Energy, Green Earth,” saved 14.2 percent of the power being consumed and reduced CO2 emissions by 14 percent.

To put it into perspective, the amount of CO2 emission their project will have reduced by 2016 is equivalent to flying an airplane around the world 118 times!

With the theme song, “Heal the World,” by Michael Jackson, it is evident the team has a passion for sustainability. Their project incorporated and illustrated Jabil’s company-wide Lean initiative.

May, whose favorite thing about Jabil’s culture is challenging the impossible, was very excited to represent her team in the Social & Environmental Responsibility category of this year’s Deliver Best Practices competition.

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