May Zhao: Embracing Diversity & Collaborating for our Employees

BK8A3738May Zhao, Human Resources Manager at Jabil Shanghai, tends to be shy. When she presented on behalf of her team during the 2015 Deliver Best Practices Competition, however, she spoke with confidence, grace and knowledge. May was anything but shy as she helped her team win first place in the Human Development category. Their team developed a hiring plan that explored unique channels to increase hiring efficiency aligns perfectly with Jabil’s cultural tenant of embracing diversity and collaborating.

From October 2014 to March 2015, direct labor headcount shortage had become a serious issue at Jabil’s Shanghai site. In order to resolve the direct labor shortage in Shanghai, the team developed a direct labor hiring program called the Model Direct Labor Hiring Program.

The team set four aggressive goals in order to address the problem and change the current situation. The goals aimed to improve the direct labor fulfillment rate, self hiring percentage, decrease labor agent cost and labor contracted employees percentage.

In total, Zhao’s team spent 15 months defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling the project. During this time, they utilized Lean tools, including the fishbone diagram, value stream mapping and a cause-and-effect matrix. After measuring the project’s effectiveness, they found that the fulfillment rate increased to 100 percent, the labor agency hiring percentage decreased to 0 percent, agency contracted employee percentage decreased to 11 percent and labor agency cost decreased by 10 percent.

The team’s achievements through the hiring program led them to receive recognition from the government, customers and other teams within Jabil. The team also shared best practices with sister plants and the government. The program has now been replicated at almost all Jabil sites throughout China.

“Looking back, Jabil’s culture was shining from beginning to end,” said Zhao during her presentation.

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