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Mental strength and agility can help drive success at Jabil, and as such, we are using the month of June to share information on the topic. If you’re interested in additional information on what mental strength is or methods to increase your mental strength, this post is for you. Below you’ll find examples of websites, books and other resources to keep your brain fit.


You may have heard of Lumosity before because of their television commercials, but if you haven’t, this website bills itself as “the web’s most popular training program.” Lumosity is a web-based brain-training program where subscribers play games to improve working memory, visual attention and problem solving. At the onset, you’ll fill out a few questions that Lumosity will use to personalize your program. You can sign up as a free subscriber and have access to 3-4 games each day. Or, if you pay for a subscription, you’ll have full access to games and user statistics. The current rates are $14.95/month, $6.95/month if you commit to a full year and $4.99/month for a two-year commitment. Curious to see if Lumosity works? Before getting started you may want to read the Daily Tech article that details a Stanford study on if Lumosity garners results. Spoiler alert: The Stanford study says, “yes.”

Increase Your Brainpower

The importance of mental agility is so vast, books have been written on the subject. Increase Your Brainpower: Improve Your Creativity, Memory, Mental Agility and Intelligence by Philip Carter and Ken Russell sets out to inform the public that there are ways to improve your brain and start the process of utilizing your brain to its full potential. The authors assert that all tests have been specifically written and compiled for this book by the UK Mensa Puzzle Editors.

The Agile Mind

Wilma Koustaal, author of The Agile Mind, presents a new framework for adaptive thinking, otherwise known as, mental agility. According to Google books, the text is “written for an interdisciplinary audience and empirical findings are enriched with insights from the arts and literature.” This scientific-heavy work might not be the choice of all, but if you are interested in the science behind mental agility, this book is a great place to start.

Mental Agility

Another take on mental agility is Mental Agility: The Path to Persuasion. Written by Robert L. Jolles, the work positions itself as a guide for “learning to think fast on your feet so you can sell your message, influence others and captivate your audience.” An experienced trainer of sales professionals, the frank, humorous style of Jolles’ writing makes this an easy read for all audiences.

Maximizing Mental Agility

For those who might be interested in a workshop on mental agility, the University of Texas Austin is hosting an event on September 5, 2014. The one-day course, Maximizing Mental Agility, was developed by Professor Dr. Art Markman, of the University of Texas. Six areas of thinking that the course focuses on will help participants become “more productive, efficient, created, motivated and satisfied in their working lives, and beyond.” To learn more about the event, click here.

If you are fascinated by the topics of mental strength and mental agility, numerous resources are available to curb your curiosity.

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