Nadezgda Gladkova: Leadership from Within

 Jabil Joules- Nadezgda GladkovaNadezgda Gladkova is the Production Manager at Jabil Tver in Russia. She is known for her energy and sociable nature. Nadezgda not only expertly manages the production processes at the plant, but she is also actively involved in the recruitment and development of staff.

Nadezgda’s Beginnings

Nadezgda began working at the Jabil Tver plant right after it opened in July 2009, when the first assembly line for televisions was being installed on the shop floor. At that time, she knew very little about the electronics industry. Yet, just five months after starting her career as an assembly line operator, she was asked to lead a shift of more than 70 employees. Never having lead a team before, she made it a priority to develop leadership skills by conducting research, learning English and entering a University to further her studies.

While leading a great team of colleagues at work, she managed to graduate with honors from the Tver State Agricultural Academy. In addition, as a result of hard work and collaboration, her team achieved high production results even in some of the most difficult situations. Nadezgda is most proud of her ability to help her colleagues achieve their goals.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Promotion meant, first of all, increased responsibility. Nadezgda knew that in her new position, she would be responsible for making decisions and taking action in challenging circumstances.

When faced with obstacles at work, she leveraged her sociability, purposefulness, diligence and patience, to help her. In her six years at Jabil, she has obtained a wealth of experience and knowledge, which have enabled her to cope with problematic events at work and at home.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.24.34 AMFamily and Career

There is no denying the challenge females face to  maintain a successful career and a happy home life. For Nadezgda, she believes life consists of two parts: happiness and self-discipline. In order to achieve happiness, it is essential to find the right balance between your personal life and your work.
Nadezgda says the most important thing in her life is family and the support of her family helps her cope with leadership responsibilities. As a leader, one of her main responsibilities is helping new employees at Jabil. “New employees are like my second family,” she says.

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