Kathy Xie: Changing the Game with RapidResponse Game-Changing Solutions

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Kathy Xie, Senior Manager of Supply Chain Solutions at Jabil St. Petersburg, understands what achieving success looks like, at least by her definition.  As the first place finalist in the Operational Excellence category of this year’s Deliver Best Practices competition, she says success is achieving what you set your mind to, no matter how big or small.

Her team set out to create a best-in-class capacity solution that is scalable, user friendly, fast, flexible, accurate and standardized. The title of their project is RapidResponse Capacity Solution and in just eight months it had met, and far exceeded, their own expectations.

Their project helped to create a solution to strategically lay down a foundation for Master Schedule Planning in one platform for Jabil. The end results included reduced process times, improved analysis accuracy and faster response times. She says she is happy to have had the opportunity to showcase what her team achieved.

Xie, who started at Jabil in 1999, says the best part of her job is knowing her work can make a difference. With 157 global business units now leveraging the team’s capacity solution, there is no doubt their project made a difference.

She says she gets her inspiration from being a mom and role model to two young kids. When she gets home from work, she spends time engaging in activities with them and helping them with homework.

Georgina De Loza: Embracing Diversity by Empowering Women

Tie 2 - 480x260Georgina De Loza, Communications Coordinator at Jabil Guadalajara, says her proudest moment at work thus far was achieving the 2014 Best Site Communications award. After this year’s Deliver Best Practices Competition, De Loza has a new accomplishment of which to be proud. Her team’s project, titled Women Empowerment, tied for first place in the Social & Environmental Responsibility category with Emmanuel Joseph from Penang.

With their chosen theme song, “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, this team’s project is about providing women with the appropriate tools to feel confident when taking the next position or opportunity in their careers. During her presentation, De Loza spoke about several topics that contribute to the low number of women in leadership positions: skills & personal development plan, self confidence, stress level and culture. In order to combat these issues, her program created a networking committee that encourages men to be more aware and supportive of gender issues in the workplace. The program also hosts conferences for women in the working world.

When the team began their project a year ago, only 19% of candidates applying to positions at Jabil were women. By the end of their project, 36% of applications being sent in were by women.

During De Loza’s presentation, she asked Chief Executive Officer Mark Mondello to sign the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principles, which is a set of principles offering guidelines on how to empower women in the workplace. Mondello eagerly agreed, yielding yet another accomplishment for DeLoza and her team.

With 100% of the initial program goals completed, De Loza’s team is looking forward to future opportunities and replicating this program at other Jabil sites.

De Loza proves to be much like her hero, J.K. Rowling, as they are both brave enough to go against what is considered “normal” and take part in creating something meaningful.

Cultivating Cultural Change

Some of the greatest challenges for gender diversity are cultural. At some Jabil sites, innovative and creative programs have been developed to help change local cultural barriers for gender equality. Two sub-regional winning projects from this year’s Deliver Best Practices Competition have undertaken the challenge of surpassing cultural barriers for female empowerment. The Social and Environmental Responsibility submissions from Penang, Malaysia and Guadalajara, Mexico demonstrated two very different yet effective means of educating and empowering women along with inspiring gender awareness throughout their sites.


Penang’s “Women Wellness” project led by Reanuga Subramaniam utilizes awareness training modules to enlighten and enhance female workers’ knowledge on sexual reproductive health rights which includes educating employees about sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. The focus on education at the site stems from the fact that 55 percent of the workforce at Penang are women and the local culture avoids talking about the issues of sexual reproductive health. Additionally, the team believes that women are “the key members of the community to institute the knowledge because they are not only Jabil employees but also mothers, daughters, sisters or aunts in the family, and our awareness education can multiply the impact.”

So how did Penang implement this education program? The team organized a Jabil peer educator program with training provided by the Penang Family Health Development Association. Starting with the direct labor female workforce, these peer educators work with fellow employees at peer education sessions where employees participate in small group activities to apply knowledge from training modules, and afterwards receive a souvenir with a take away message as means to further spread awareness.

The results of the program have been fantastic. The team reported a constant increase in employees coming forward to be part of the training program, awareness activity such as the site’s annual World Aids Day has seen an increase in participation, and more importantly the team has seen a 10-30 percent increase in knowledge of various sexual reproductive health issues. This has led to a 200 percent increase in employee participation of internal health programs for breast examination and Pap smear exams. However, the Penang team’s work still continues as they move to educate all Penang employees, including men, and even aiding other Jabil sites with implementing a similar program.


A Guadalajara team, led by Georgina De Loza, created the project “Women Empowered” as a means to address the leadership gender gap, where only 15 percent of leadership positions are held by women.  Guadalajara’s approach was educating and enhancing women’s leadership skills in order to prepare them for their next leadership position. Not only is the project intended to close the gender leadership gap, but to address the cultural gender stereotypes and gender biases. According to the UN only 32 percent of women are part of the formal workforce in Mexico, which influenced the team to increase gender awareness with their project and encourage the spread of gender diversity within the community.

As a response to these issues in gender diversity at Guadalajara, the “Women Empowered” project initiated policies, events, and networking to address some of the root causes for the lack of female leadership. A flexitime policy was enacted to address work-life balance issues. The professional skills development concern was addressed through a development and mentorship committee and by encouraging prospective female leaders to participate in the site’s leadership development program, Jabilider. In regards to female self-confidence to take the next step and to address the culture, the team provided networking and development events and worked with their senior management to encourage female skills development. To achieve these programs, Georgina and her team worked with numerous female development industrial groups such as the High Tech Industry Women’s Commission (COMIAT in Spanish) and IBM’s Women In Action group.

The results of their work has led to a 7 percent increase of internal applications for leadership positions from women from fiscal year 2015’s first quarter to its third quarter. Twelve women were identified as top talent, three of whom have reached their next position in their area, two are now managers, and one is an assistant manager. The attendance for the Women Empowered events and programs reached 95 percent of women in indirect labor. As for the community, the team has worked with Intel as sponsors for the first Latin America Summit of Women in Technology by IEEE and multiple non-profit organizations that focus on social and economic development of women.

These two outstanding projects have educated and inspired the empowerment of women to take action in the careers and their health. Together these teams are combating former gender stigmatism and creating gender awareness in their sites that spills out into their local communities. In the spirit of continuous improvement, both groups have plans for further expansion of their gender diversity awareness programs at Jabil and into the community.

‘Jewel’ of the Jabil Joules: Beth Walters Named 2015 Business Woman of the Year Finalist

Beth Walters
Beth Walters

The Jabil Joules program is one of the many successes Beth Walters, Senior Vice President of Communications and Investor Relations, has achieved during her career at Jabil. Having been with Jabil for more than two decades, Beth has served as a mentor and leader, creating global programs and initiatives that focus on employee participation and engagement while continuously increasing Jabil’s success in the marketplace.

On Friday, August 28, Beth was recognized as a named finalist for the 2015 BusinessWoman of the Year Award by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. This award, which is broken up into 10 categories, recognizes the top woman executives in the Bay. Beth was one of four finalists for the technology category, and one of 50 finalists chosen by a panel of judges that considered more than 200 nominees.

To read a detailed recap of the event, visit Jabil’s blog.

Joanne Moretti Named a Gold Winner in the Women World Awards

Joanne Moretti and Jabil Executives alongside San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo at the ribbon cutting of Jabil’s Blue Sky Center

Senior Vice President, Sales Enablement and Marketing Joanne Moretti has been named a gold winner in the Women World Awards in the manufacturing category.

Please join us in congratulating Joanne on this impressive recognition!

To learn more about Joanne and the award, read this story on Jabil’s blog.