Flora Wang – Employee Development Program Transformation

Flora Wang, HR training Specialist at Jabil Shanghai, took first place in this year’s Employees category at the Deliver Best Practices competition in Florida. Her team’s winning project “Transformation to a Bright Future-Direct Labor Development Program” created a new program for shop floor employees in order to facilitate a better career progression. The program allowed the site to develop 288 customized training courses, 44 testing papers and training of more than 30 internal trainers. As a result, the direct labor turnover rate decreased and employee satisfied increased. The team received recognition from both customers and the government.

Preparing for The Finals

Flora said she was incredibly excited when she was informed that she would be going to the finals of the competition in Florida – a proud achievement for her and the team. They had spent fifteen months defining, measuring, analyzing and controlling the lean project to prepare for the end goal: the finals in Florida. She vividly recalls the first time she nervously stepped on stage to present her team’s project, but credits the successful delivery of the project during the final presentations a result of the continuous rehearsals of the presentation in advance of traveling to Florida. Flora feels this experience has improved her confidence and believes she is stronger in controlling her persona on stage now.

Making New Friends

Flora enjoyed making friends from Jabil sites across the globe during the week of the Deliver Best Practices competition.  Upon her arrival in Jabil’s headquarters in Florida, Flora and the other finalists were advised by Chief Executive Officer, Mark Mondello that the first thing they should do was make new friends. Mark highlighted to the teams in one of his welcome talks that, “making friends throughout the competition is the best way to share and learn from each other.” Flora advises everyone with the opportunity to take part in next year’s competition to “be confident and willing to make friends.”

Christina Fang: Achieving Life’s Dreams at Jabil


Jabil’s Huangpu site was the first in China to launch a Jabil Joules program. During the series of Power Hour events, a short-haired, capable and affable lady could be seen working tirelessly, a ball of energy both on and off stage. She is the Huangpu site ambassador for Jabil Joules and HR business partner, Christina Fang.

Christina says the motivation to become a Jabil Joules ambassador came from her life’s dream of helping others.

“As a woman, I’ve always felt that there were certain obstacles to my career development. I’ve been fortunate enough to overcome many of these barriers, but I’m aware there are many other women out there who feel stuck and impeded from gaining the life they want. So, I hope to be able to help them overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals. I’ve always known that helping others is my life’s dream, and then it occurred to me I can achieve this through my work.”

The Jabil Joules initiative was launched at the company’s Huangpu site in March this year and has seen steady growth and interest. In addition to “Power Hour” and “Menmumsontoring” sessions, Christina has also organized the Huangpu Site International Speakers’ Club in collaboration with the international non-profit organization Toastmasters. The club helps people improve their communication and leadership skills.

As well as being a Jabil Joules Ambassador, Christina is also in charge of the site’s employment of disabled employees. She is a volunteer speaker who loves sharing, an expert in Nonviolent Communication, a traveler, a dreamer, a loving wife, and a wonderful mother. The following questions gave us a deep understanding of a woman who “never stops”, giving us a sense of her passion for life and her pursuit of her dreams.

Outside of your job, you’ve also taken part in many other projects, such as Jabil Joules and Toastmasters. You also travelled to the UN Headquarters in Geneva on behalf of Jabil to speak about the site’s disabled employees program. How did you get these opportunities? And how did you divide your efforts?

I like managing my time in alignment with my dreams. I’d highly recommend a book called The Secret to everyone. I’ve applied some of the methods mentioned in the book – I have a “dream board” and a “dream list”, and I’ve also made a list of the “50 things I want to do in my life”.

There’s always time to do what you love if you really love it. If you adopt a better way of managing your time and your life, then everything will become more wonderful.

Where do your motivations in life and work come from?

Dreams, love, and fear. Fears of death encourage you to be yourself, to realize your dream as early as you can.

What insights do you have about how to achieve one’s dreams?

First of all, let your heart guide you – do the things you love. For example, I went to Lean In classes, which help women make their dreams come true. I really enjoy sharing dream plan with my peers.

Secondly, follow through with what you like doing to the very end, and do it to the best of your ability!

I like Nonviolent Communication. And I try to do it the best I can.

I didn’t just buy one book – I bought all six books in the series. I read them more than three times, attended three workshops. I held nine classes – teaching over 200 people and giving in-depth counseling to more than 10 people. I also invented “Needs Diary”, which has changed many people’s lives. After that, I’m close to becoming a master of Nonviolent Communication.

Get moving, let your heart guide you, and do what you love. What’s more, take what you like doing as far as you can, and do it the best you can! If you do, your dreams will come true soon!

What tips do you have for women when it comes to improving themselves? How do they cultivate leadership skills?

Women can nurture leadership skills starting from the home. We are the leaders and drivers of our family culture. For example, in 2014 we brought “Family Meeting” to our family, and in 2015 we incorporated Positive Discipline and Nonviolent Communication. This allowed us to shed traditional family influences and create a more “democratic, equal, and communicative” home life.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

  • I like traveling; my husband and I have already spent 122 days travelling around the world.
  • I like sharing. I share in the company’s Mum’s Group and Psychology Club, at Lean In Guangzhou, in the community, at Toastmasters, at the Foundation for Disabled Employees, and at the United Nations. I talk about Disabled Employees, travel, dreams, positive discipline, Nonviolent Communication, lecturing, and so on.
  • I like ikebana, the art of flower arrangement. There are many masters in this field, but I particularly admire Kawase Toshiro. He developed his own approach to flowers arrangement based on tatehana (standing flowers) and the nageire (throw or fling) style. Allegorical, dynamic yet serene, Kawase’s compositions have been described as “portraits of Japan in flowers.”

What are the plans for Jabil Joules in the future?

We’re planning to “marry” Jabil Joules with Disabled Employees to create a new “Disabled Women’s Growth” initiative. It will help young, disabled women to build their confidence. We’re taking Jabil Joules and its many benefits beyond our site and giving it to society.

From October to December we’ll be working with the Guangzhou English Training Center for the Handicapped Foundation to hold the “Disabled Women’s Growth” initiative. Participants will be disabled women aged 18-28, who we’ll be inviting to visit the site to take part in our mentoring program, among other things. We’re looking forward to using different themes around the concept of gender equality.jj-toastermaters-club

Karen Prince: Nonsurgical Facelift Customer Selection 2015


Ingenuity is engrained in Jabil’s cultural values and allows us to create innovative solutions that solve our customer’s problems, build strong partnerships and grow business. Karen Prince and her team from Auburn Hills demonstrated their commitment to ingenuity with their Deliver Best Practices project, “Nonsurgical Facelift Customer Selection 2015.” Their project enabled Nypro Healthcare to win business and become a trusted manufacturing partner with their customer.

The customer involved in this project markets medical devices that perform non-invasive skin lifts. Their previous supplier was not meeting expectations causing them to lose millions of dollars in business. They believed these issues were a result of the supplier’s high turnover rate and low levels of employee engagement.

The team needed to recruit several manufacturing technicians in order to successfully execute the product transfer. Therefore, it was critical for the selection process to choose employees that would be engaged and committed to their work.

When looking at the current candidate selection process, Prince noticed that the turnover rate was unacceptable and would not meet the customer’s requirements. To overcome this issue, her team developed a new selection process that would provide stakeholders with many opportunities to evaluate the candidates including one-on-one interviews, product build simulations and group activities.

The new process successfully reduced the employee turnover rate. Once the product was moved into production on the shop floor, the new manufacturing team was able to exceed customer karen-prince_3328_10-14-2016-unsharp_copy-1expectations.

Prince’s team included two other Jabil Joules: HR Generalist Fonda Luckett and Manufacturing Trainer LaToya Brown. The ability of Prince, Luckett, Brown and the rest of the team to systematically change their process and exceed the needs of the customer, demonstrated ingenuity while providing great value to the company. Congratulations to Karen Prince and her team for making it to the Global Competition round of the 2016 Deliver Best Practices.

Yenling Chen: Finance Produces More Than Numbers


“When you think of Finance, what images come to mind?” asked Yenling Chen during her presentation in the final round of the 2016 Deliver Best Practices competition. “Do you think of a finance person asking a Business Unit why they are spending so much money or do you see them as sitting at a desk preparing a report?” Chen continued, “Today, Finance is different. This is a story about change.”

Traditionally, finance departments have been called on to prepare financial data for business units to make decisions with little insight into what the data represents.  The finance team at Taichung Stamping realized that there was an opportunity to tap into their skillset to provide analysis and commercial insights that help drive critical business decisions. Chen and her team set out to create a program that transforms Finance employees from report generators into business partners.

Using Lean methodologies, the team identified the skills gaps of the finance employees and created a career roadmap that would serve as a training program with training modules based on career and experience level. This provided employees with a clear picture of what they would need to learn in order to become a successful business partner.

Chen illustrated that the program was a success with and example, “ten months ago, she would have sat down with the head of Operations to discuss high inventory numbers and would say that they need to get the numbers down.” After the training program, she is able to start the conversation with “I think I can help.”

As a result of the program, the finance team lead 42 improvement projects that reduced more than five hundred working hours. Annual soft savings reached over $1 million in training and hiring cost as well as Lean savings. JGP demonstrated strong support and sponsorship to replicate the program across all JGP sites.

As a junior member of the finance team, Chen is also one of the participants on the journey. “Today, I am not simply sitting at my desk preparing numbers,” stated Chen. “Today I am standing here presenting our best practice to support business solutions. I am standing here showing you that finance can produce more than just numbers.”

With women representing four out of the five team members, this project demonstrates how females are driving innovation and shaping the future of manufacturing. Congratulations to Alice Lin, Amy Shen, Beita Li, Yengling Chen and Derek Yeh on their project’s success.

Daisy Pu Inspires Colleagues at Shanghai Power Hour


At the Shanghai Power Hour event, Daisy Pu, Controller of Nypro, Asia Pacific, shared her secrets to “living in the moment and achieving the extraordinary” with colleagues. Daisy inspired her female coworkers to make the most of this exciting era and their own strengths to improve their leadership skills and achieve extraordinary things.

Daisy has been working for Jabil for 13 years, with accomplishments spanning finance, HR, and IT. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics and Trade from Shanghai International Studies University, she was awarded a Master’s in Financial Management from Fudan University. Following this, she beat over a thousand other candidates to be accepted for an FMP (Financial Management Program) job offer with General Electric. Whether it’s academia or her career, Daisy has always stood out from the crowd.

Best era for a better me

Daisy believes that this open, diverse era offers more opportunities for women and gives them the chance to explore their career development like never before. Jabil provides an inclusive, diverse platform for women, and opportunities to explore their career development through the Jabil Joules series of events. Daisy encouraged her colleagues to pursue excellence at her Power Hour event, which was themed “best era for a better me.”

Build female Leadership

Daisy believes that outstanding women are expected to have outstanding leadership skills. In Daisy’s view, women’s unique strengths – their emotional intelligence and communication skills – give women the opportunity to make breakthroughs in their careers. By sharing Jack Welch’s 4Es concept: Execution, Energy, Energize, and Edge, Daisy suggested female managers focus on their unique strengths rather on over-emphasize independence, which would increase women’s chances of making career breakthroughs. In terms of nurturing leadership skills, Daisy suggested grasping every opportunity – whether it’s regular company meetings, discussion groups, or team activities.

Manage time, keep learning

Daisy believes that, regardless of their gender, people should improve themselves through time management and continuous learning, taking advantage of available time to study. She stressed the importance of nurturing and maintaining the habit of reading: books are the crystallization of the author’s knowledge, and can help us to expand our imaginations and be inspired.

 Women are born to be romanticdsc_3845

Daisy says she’s a romantic person. To Daisy, “romantic” has three levels of meaning: at the psychological and intellectual level, romantic women are more imaginative and creative; at the interpersonal level, romanticism can help resolve conflicts – a way of overcoming “hardness” with “softness”; and when it comes to dress and appearance, women have the chance to show their romantic, softer side. As women are born with that character, Daisy believes women could harness the soft power to change the world.