Connecting to the Business: Video Post

Part 6 of 6

In the last video post in our 6-part series, Beth Walters explains how understanding how connecting your initiatives with the goals of your department and company is an important skill successful people possess.

How Understanding the Business will Differentiate Yourself: Video Post

Part 5 of 6

It’s not luck that assisted Beth Walters along her career path, instead, it’s understanding the business, according to her. In the 5th video post, Beth explains a few key differentiators that she hopes all women incorporate in their lives and careers.

Video Post: Rapid Pace of Change and Suggestions for Success

Part 4 of 6

Jabil’s accelerating pace of change is the topic Beth Walters discusses in the fourth post of our 6-part video series. Here she explains the changes she’s been a part of while working at Jabil and outlines a few suggestions for success that have assisted her in her career.

How Beth Walters Got to the Boardroom: Video Post

Part 3 of 6

In the third video post of our 6-part series, Beth explains her goal of getting Tom Sansone into Jabil’s boardroom and steps she took to achieve this goal. By creatively focusing her work and aligning herself with projects that had the most impact, she found success at Jabil and found ways around her earlier obstacles.

Video Post: Beth Walters’ Early Days, An Interesting Start

Part 2 of 6

In the second post of our 6-part video series highlighting the Jabil Joules Power Hour with Beth Walters, Beth shares how her early days at Jabil were anything but smooth sailing. With the challenge of not being able to communicate customer information externally to the first quarter earnings after going public, Beth had a challenging start at Jabil. Always the optimist, she shares how this experience turned into a learning one for her.