Jeannette Güttler: Never Give Up

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Early years

Jeannette was born in 1969 and grew up in East Germany. She finished high school and started her secondary education as a weaver in the textile industry.  After the reunification of Germany  in 1989, she moved to South Germany. Shortly after her maternity leave, she returned to work collecting experiences in different areas, from metal industry to retail and injection molding.

Journey with Nypro

Jeannette joined Schlosser (acquired later by Nypro) in February 2006. After eight weeks working in production as an operator, she got the chance to work in serial inspection control. After working in that area for three years, she knew that she wanted to work in the quality field. Her supervisor saw her capabilities and promoted her to quality control where she worked for another three years. While working in those areas and roles, she gained know-how and in 2011, she decided to take the next steps to further her career. She started training to become a quality assistant, a quality management representative including internal auditor, and finally she received the promotion of becoming a quality manager. This accomplishment was completed  in one year, and it was only possible with the support from her family and friends who helped during that time.


Achieving greater gender diversity starts with education. If children see it in their daily life at home that everyone is treated equally and supportive of each other, it helps. If a girl always hears she needs to become a nurse or should only play with dolls, instead of being told she can be anyone she wants when she grows up that could limit the goals she sets for herself. Many prefer to play outside and build forts and grow up to become architects.

Her advice

Jeannette is an optimistic woman, full of joy for life, determined in her job and a reliable colleague. She took many risks to achieve that goal from financial to personal. She worked more hours in order to save up for further education at school. She had to make the decision to either take vacation or work those hours to be able to go to school. Also having not enough time for the family – when there was another exam coming up, she had to stay focused and study for it. With the support of her family and colleagues, she did it and accomplished her goals.

“Don’t wait too long” and “Always keep trying” are Jeanette’s mottos.It was not easy at times to start training and learning again, so when asked one thing she would change, she probably would have started earlier or as soon as she knew she wanted to have a career in quality. She also took her father’s advice who used to say: “Always work hard and set yourself goals. Even if you experience backlash, always move on and try to achieve your goals.”

About Jeannette

Jeannette Güttler is an Assistant Quality Supervisor at Nypro Germany. Jeanette joined Nypro in 2006, serving several roles across Nypro. Jeannette earned degrees as a Quality Assistant, Quality Management Representative, Internal Auditor and Quality Manager. Since 2014, Jeannette has been a team leader, and she is responsible for the serial inspection and quality control in building 2 of our sites.

What she likes about her job at Nypro is product diversity, customer relations and the implementation of new strategies. This whole diagnostic sector interests and fascinates her.

Together, we can make a difference – Jabil Joules launches in China, and the rest of Asia for that matter

FullSizeRenderThe brainchild behind the Jabil Joules initiative, Senior Vice President of Communications & Investor Relations Beth Walters shares how the Joules program is expanding into Asia. In Beth’s own words, read below to learn why this program is so personally important to her.  



In April 2016, we finally launched Jabil Joules in China as an exciting platform for female empowerment that brings women together to help each other learn and grow. Since launching this initiative in 2013, we have connected with a number of extraordinary women and seen an increase in female managers and leaders.

Understanding the unique cultural issues

During my numerous trips to China, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of our female employees, in private and in focus groups. These conversations have helped me understand some of the barriers the women in our workforce are facing and how we can overcome them.

For example, many of the women I spoke to said they still handle the bulk of family care responsibilities for their children, parents and husband’s parents. Life in China and many South Asian countries’ bustling urban centers may have changed dramatically in recent decades, but in many countries men are largely still expected to be the main breadwinner.

Nonetheless, I believe that if we work together to encourage and empower women, we can break down barriers and help our female colleagues to fulfill their potential and build flourishing careers at Jabil.

Educate, Mentor, Connect

In each of the markets in which we operate, Jabil Joules face a unique set of challenges. But in every region, education is a key component of the initiative, especially in places where public debate about gender equality is not as well developed as it is in the US. By educating people about the benefits of diversity, we can break down harmful stereotypes and other barriers inhibiting women from achieving their potential.

Mentoring is also important because it brings new perspectives to the table. Due to cultural norms in many Asian countries, many women tend to stay in the background and are less inclined to step forward to take on greater responsibilities and challenges. Mentoring can help women build their self-confidence, see the bigger picture and understand how they can contribute.

Crucially, Jabil Joules gives women the opportunity to share their experiences and explore career possibilities with other women. Being able to connect around topics such as achieving greater work-life balance, time management and parenting skills inspires women and helps them make more informed choices about how to advance their careers.


Women across Jabil’s Asia network are already stirring up positive energy in our plants. I’m inspired by the enthusiasm many sites have shown in supporting Jabil Joules initiatives and launch events, such as the first Jabil Joules launch gathering event at Huangpu site on International Women’s Day, March 8th.

And this is just the beginning. There is so much more we can do at Jabil to empower our female colleagues to take on greater responsibility and play a bigger role in growing the business.

Diversity is powerful and via Jabil Joules, we are encouraging all Jabil employees to do their part to build a strong culture of inclusion and embrace diversity at all levels of our business.

Nypro Clinton Hosts First Jabil Joules Networking Event


Seventeen employees from Jabil’s Nypro location in Clinton, Massachusetts, gathered for an informal networking event on Wednesday, May 11, as the site’s first Jabil Joules meeting. Similar to the already established Europe, Asia and Latin America programs, a North America Jabil Joules program is currently under development and the Clinton event was an example of an early success for the North America initiative.

The Clinton event kicked off with an introduction by Deb Grover, Director of Finance, Healthcare; Elissa Boisvert, Senior Director of Global Legal Affairs; and Amy Beamer, Senior Director of Financial Controls. Each shared insights into their backgrounds, careers at Jabil and Nypro and leadership expertise.

Following the introductions, attendees were asked to provide feedback on future Jabil Joules-themed events and activities they would be interested in attending. Potential ideas included Power Hour events, lunch meetings and networking happy hours. In addition, handouts and recommended reading materials, focusing on gender equality in the workplace and leadership best practices, were provided to attendees.


Led by Beth Walters, Senior Vice President of Communications & Investor Relations, the Jabil Joules initiative began in 2013 at Jabil’s Corporate Headquarters in St. Petersburg with the launch of the women’s leadership blog, followed by the coordination of several Power Hour events.

Nypro Clinton is one of the first Jabil locations, outside of St. Pete, to localize the Jabil Joules initiative in the North American region, with a goal of holding meetings 4 to 5 times a year. Deb, Amy, Elissa and Mary Venuti, Executive Assistant, are leading the program in Clinton as the Jabil Joules champions for their site and are currently planning future events as part of the larger corporate initiative.

“Everyone had a chance to network with someone new at Nypro, which is pretty amazing for those of us that have been at the company for more than 10 years,” said Deb. “We generated some creative ideas on next activities and I am looking forward to seeing how we progress as a team on this endeavor going forward.”

If you’re interested in becoming a Jabil Joules champion for our North America region or if you’re seeking more information on how to localize Jabil Joules events at your site, reach out to

Réka Aczél: Bravely Facing the Challenges

Reka 1

Réka Aczél, Global Category Manager of Indirect Procurement at Jabil, is one of the 14 Champions actively working on our Jabil Joules initiative in Europe. Réka and her team implemented various programs that help incorporate diversity at all levels and help foster a creative culture at Jabil Tiszaujvaros, Hungary.

An Inquisitive Young Woman

At only 12 years old, Réka decided she wanted to be a software developer. While all of her classmates played on Commodore 64 computers, she was more interested in the logistics: how the background scenes were created to depict the movement of people on the screen. It was this fascination that led her to continue her studies at a technical school. In her class of more than 600 students, she was one of only 20 females.

Réka began her professional career 19 years ago at General Electric (GE), where she worked in the technical field. Her first project was to write software to support production of the fluorescent lamp. This project allowed her to gain experience about technology and process not only on the shop floor but also in other functional areas. After a few years, she changed companies and extended her areas of expertise to planning and sales and inventory control. Equipped with a thirst for knowledge, Réka values asking questions and turning every challenge into a learning opportunity.

Seeking the Right Balance

A few years ago, Réka came to the realization that she was spending too much time at work and not enough time at home with her family. With the support of her manager at the time, she sought out a coach to help her find the harmonious balance between personal life and work. While it isn’t always easy, she says remembering Anna Jozwicka’s advice to stop trying to be Miss Perfect is helpful.

The Importance of a Diverse Workplace

In her current position, she is faced with the challenges of working with individuals from different countries, different cultures and in varying time zones. Reka 2However, she enjoys being a part of such a highly diversified team that leverages different personalities and skill sets. She is tasked with different jobs on a regular basis – one day she could be working on a forklift related tender, and the next she is concentrating on a medical service related project. She is motivated by doing different jobs and identifying optimum solutions for all sites.

Launching Jabil Joules in Tiszaujvaros

New to Hungary, the Jabil Joules team is still in the development stage. However, the events that have taken place thus far have contributed to making Jabil’s community a stronger and better place. Almost a year ago, Tiszaujvaros management team (Human Resources, Finance, Business, Functions and Operations) fully supported the Jabil Joules initiative by painting dedicated parking places for pregnant colleagues on site. By understanding the needs of others, the team is actively seeking ways to help the local community and is looking forward to future involvement including Breast Cancer Awareness Month and handcrafting decorations with employees’ kids around the holidays.

Réka and the rest of the Tiszaujvaros Joules team are currently working on developing a Jabil camp program to provide a safe place for children to go daily during their 11-week summer break while their parents are working.

The Joules team takes pride in sharing stories and best practices across all Jabil sites. “We have a lot to learn. We don’t always see the end of the road, but we always find our way,” says Réka, “I’m very excited with what we will accomplish by supporting each other!”

20150905_aczelreka (1) (1)Réka Aczél is a Global Category Manager in Indirect Procurement at Jabil. She joined Jabil in 2010, after spending four years on maternity leave with her daughter and son. Prior to Jabil, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Financial Management from the Budapest College of Management (AVF) and has an additional degree in Computer Programming. She started her career at General Electric 19 years ago and has since served in many roles across different functional departments including HR, Logistics, Planning, Sales, Inventory Control and Purchasing. Réka is also Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Silver certified. 

Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance: Estela Cabral Power Hour

Estela Cabral (1)Juggling a demanding career with one’s personal life was the theme of the first Jabil Joules Latin America Power Hour webinar featuring Plant Controller at Jabil Guadalajara, Estela Cabral. Throughout her webinar presentation, Estela shared insights and personal experiences on how she has successfully achieved a healthy work-life balance.

After joining Jabil Guadalajara in 1997 as a Budget & Cost Manager, and becoming Plant Controller just 18 months later, Estela found that her first few years at Jabil were becoming increasingly challenging. After a full day at work, she would often work from home in the evening and on weekends, which left her feeling exhausted.

Although she was passionate about her career, she found it was difficult to juggle her personal time with her work life. Estela knew she had to find a balance in order to be successful and began to reevaluate her routines and behaviors.

She decided to take a step back by taking a part-time job as an Assistant Controller in order to focus on her personal time, being a mother and spending quality time with her children. She began delegating tasks based on talents of other finance team members in order for them to learn, enjoy new responsibilities and grow their talent.

Estela also set boundaries for herself, including refraining from speaking about business during lunch and leaving her laptop at the office while on vacation.

Today, Estela is successful in her role as both a mother of two and as Jabil Guadalajara’s Plant Controller. She has been a key contributor in countless projects and process improvement activities in addition to being a well-respected team member who is an effective influencer across multiple functions.

Her position as a senior finance leader requires constant interaction with her business development and operations colleagues in managing a facility with more than 6,000 employees, multiple manufacturing shifts and dynamic set of commercial challenges with our global operations.

Estela has been part of several initiatives including being an avid sponsor of the Women Empowered program at Jabil Guadalajara, which has now been folded into Jabil Joules.  Estela is a founding member of the steering committee for Jabil Joules Latin America.

Outside of Jabil, Estela has been praised for her demonstrated leadership and success. She has been ranked twice as one of the most powerful women in business in Mexico by CNN’s Expansión Magazine. She was also recently highlighted as one of seven Jabil nominees for this year’s 2016 Women in Manufacturing STEP Ahead Award by the Manufacturing Institute.

Estela’s biggest piece of advice is to be aware of yourself, to be brave and to not be afraid to change your behaviors in order to live a more happy and balanced life. She believes that work-life balance does not mean a perfect life but a happy one where you enjoy life as much as you can.