Wuxi Wins in the Community

For Jianmei Xue, winning first place at Jabil’s continuous improvement competition, Deliver Best Practices, meant more than just receiving an award. The trophy signified a win for the less fortunate in the Wuxi community who she’s been able to help through her team’s project, the Dandelion Platform. “As employees of Jabil, we have a responsibility to help our local communities,” she said. The smiles from those helped through the site’s outreach activities are what kept Jianmei motivated and fueled her passion to get her peers more involved.

The Dandelion Platform is an easy way for employees to stay up-to-date on Jabil Wuxi’s social and environmental activities by leveraging a popular social media application in China, WeChat. Jianmei used this platform as a way for employees to learn about upcoming events, share photos from the event and make it a fun experience. “Employees had a desire to be engaged in the community outreach activities, but the traditional ways of promotion had its limitations,” she said. “We didn’t want to force people to listen; instead, we wanted to communicate in channels they were already ‘listening’ in.” Instead of using posters and emails, Jianmei and her team used something as simple as a free application. By doing this, they increased employee participation by almost 13 percent in just a few months’ time and demonstrated Jabil’s culture of ingenuity, innovation and inspiration. With the large increase of employees involved in community outreach, the site has been able to help over 700 community members in the last year, from infants to the elderly.

She was proud to represent her team at the final round of Deliver Best Practices in St. Petersburg, Florida, last month. What she enjoyed most was sharing ideas and learning from her global counterparts over the course of the week. “We learned best practices from each other and were able to extend our collaboration with other Jabil sites,” Jianmei said, hopeful that similar programs will soon be initiated at more sites.

Congratulations, Jianmei and Jabil Wuxi!

Jabil Recognized at Women Executive Leadership Corporate Salute


The Women Executive Leadership (WEL) is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to increase the number of females on corporate boards and in executive-level positions through advocating, educating and connecting inspirational leaders. WEL’s Corporate Salute Event was held in Tampa last month to celebrate public companies with headquarters in the state of Florida that are making gender diversity advancements in the boardroom and C-suite.

This WEL event, like many Joules events around the world, was focused on connecting inspiring women and bringing awareness to the importance of workforce diversity. As Catalyst reports, companies with the most women board directors experienced a 16% higher Return on Sales compared to companies with little or no women. There’s also a notable 26% higher Return on Invested Capital for companies that have boards with more women. Currently, over one-quarter of S&P 500 companies in the United States have one or less women on their board of directors (Catalyst, 2017).

This year, Jabil was one of WEL’s Elevate Award recipients, which recognizes companies that have increased the number of females on the board of directors. Beth Walters, founder of Jabil Joules and Senior Vice President of Communications and Investor Relations, accepted the award on behalf of Jabil. She was joined by several other senior female leaders at a Jabil-sponsored table, including: Janice DiRose, Director of Global Legal Affairs; Kristine Oureilidis, Vice President Deputy General Counsel; Stephany Setrajcic, Senior Director of Risk Governance; Michelle Smith, Senior Director of Communications; Sharon Vinci, Vice President of Human Resources Operations and Mergers & Acquisitions; and Sherry Williams, Vice President of Global Compliance.

2017 Deliver Best Practices Continues to Make Strides for Jabil Joules


Jabil’s ninth annual global continuous improvement competition, Deliver Best Practices, has concluded and what an outstanding year it has been — a record-setting 1,709 projects were submitted — clearly demonstrating how ingenuity is a part of Jabil’s cultural DNA.

This year’s Joules involvement continued to be strong: 12 overall finalists and two first-place winners represented five countries, 11 sites and five different functional areas. Their experience at Jabil ranged from two to 17 years. These women proved that no matter where you are from, what department you work in or your experience level, anyone can be innovative and inspirational.

Joules dominated this year’s Employees category and captured the top three spots: Isabel Romo from Guadalajara won first place, followed by Aoife Kennedy representing Bray second and Tingting Zhu from Wuxi who won third. In the Social & Environmental category, Jianmei Xue from Wuxi received first place and Ning Tsao from Shenzhen Plastic won third. Third-time finalist Elaine Zhou from Shanghai placed third in the Beyond the Factory category.

All participants in the competition personified Jabil’s culture of diversity and inclusion and set high standards for all who follow, male and female.

Again, congratulations to all our finalists!

From the Web: Diversity in STEM – Important for Society, Good for Business

Dr. Patty Lopez, a first-generation college student and owner of seven technical patents, was interviewed by Carol J. Carter, HuffPost Contributor, on how diversity in STEM is important for society and good for business, saying the more diverse the workforce, the more ways a problem can be looked at and thus, solved.

Backed with both a Master’s and a PhD in Computer Science, Dr. Lopez is part of only 4% of Latinas with a graduate degree or higher. She currently is a Senior Platform Applications Engineer at Intel Corporation and part of Brawny’s #StrengthHasNoGender campaign, spending her time championing for women in technology. “It’s important for me to be that voice for people to advocate, to be the cheerleader for women. This is the reason I exist,” she said. In her interview with HuffPost, she answers questions about mentorships, why there are small numbers of females in STEM, and what should be done to create gender equality moving forward. 

Read her interview and the full story here.

Photo credit: Huffpost

Where are They Now? Elaine Zhou from Shanghai

For Elaine Zhou, Deliver Best Practices is a long-term commitment. Starting her involvement with this global continuous improvement competition in 2014, she and her team won first place for their management system created to balance logistics. Since then, Elaine has mentored other teams that are competing. “I share my experiences with the teams who are participating in the competition, so they can all learn how to think ‘lean’ and be successful both professionally and personally,” Elaine said.

Given that her original project is being replicated in sites throughout Asia, the knowledge she has to offer is quite substantial. She has a passion to educate future participants at Shanghai and ensure they benefit from Deliver Best Practices as much as she has. Since winning, she’s been promoted twice and is now the Regional Logistics Manager and in charge of two sites in China.

She attributes her success to being innovative, which is a skill she learned at her first competition. “Everything about the event was creative, from the projects and presenters, to the events and organizers,” she said. Elaine remembers how at ease she felt surrounded by like-minded global counterparts and being in that collaborative environment. “While I was at the competition, I noticed how innovative improvements have become part of every Jabil employees’ DNA,” she said. “When I got back to Shanghai, I did my best to pass that along to not only the next year’s participants but to all the employees.”