Paloma Barraza: 2018 STEP Ahead Honoree

The Manufacturing Institute announced this year’s STEP Ahead Awards on March 1st. These awards recognize 100 female leaders who positively impact the manufacturing industry, including their contributions to technology and process improvements and their commitment to inspiring future female manufacturers.

The 2018 STEP Ahead honorees included two leaders from Jabil: Paloma Barraza and Clare Dowdalls.

Paloma Barraza, site controller at Jabil Chihuahua, has been instrumental in major transformations at the facility while simultaneously inspiring those around her. In Chihuahua, Paloma has created an open environment for her employees to share ideas, demonstrating both her passion to help others and her strong leadership capabilities. “Paloma sees the value of every employee,” said Director of Operations, Simon Wilcox. “She leverages the strengths of everyone on her team to lead the entire site to be efficient and successful.”

Passionate about creating positive change, Paloma works cross-functionally and patiently listens to employees at every level, and from any department, to best understand the problem at hand and how to most efficiently solve it. She’s dedicated to inspiring those around her to take on challenges and find innovative ways to create new processes. Leading by example, Paloma organizes brainstorming meetings with multiple levels of employees to foster a creative environment for everyone. “Paloma has a true passion for change and takes aggressive strides to positively impact the culture at the Chihuahua site to increase employee engagement and productivity,” Wilcox said.

Mentoring her employees is a top priority, and her passion to inspire others also extends into the community. As an active member of Jabil Chihuahua’s social responsibility committee, Paloma spearheaded a school supply donation drive and coordinated delivery of the items to children living in the outskirts of the city. It’s also important for her to take care of her Jabil family, so she created a program to reward employees’ children who achieved exceptional grades in school with prizes, motivating them to continue the hard work.

Congratulations, Paloma, and thank you for all you do to inspire our employees and the community!

6 Comments on “Paloma Barraza: 2018 STEP Ahead Honoree

  1. Congratulations Paloma !
    Very inspiring not only on your profesional work at Jabil but also your conexion with the community …
    look forward to working with you!
    Welcome to Guadalajara !

  2. Bravo Paloma!
    It feels good when your colleagues see you as a valuable teammate and even more when I got the opportunity to work along with you: “I experiment hope every time when women are recognized for her contribution as you are being awarded”. I feel myself walking in JABIL – one step at a time- in the right direction”
    Congratulation JABIL for having, retaining and recognizing such a great talent as Paloma!!!

  3. Un honor haber trabajado contigo, mejor contralora por mucho!!


  4. Congratulations….Makes every woman in Jabil proud! Cheers…

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