Patricia Hyandara: Embracing Diversity & Collaborating

As Human Resources Development Supervisor in Jabil’s Manaus, Brazil site, Patricia Hyandara understands what it takes to advance through Jabil. Beginning her time at Jabil as an intern, Hyandara now supports other employees in navigating their career paths.

Patricia recently traveled to Jabil’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, to present in the Human Development category of the global Delivery Best Practices competition. Her trip to corporate could be a future look into her own personal career, as she would one day love to work at the corporate headquarters of Jabil in St. Petersburg.

Hyandara presented her team’s project, “Humanization Program,” to Jabil executives. By surveying employees, managers and the HR team, Hyandara and her team developed multiple activities to promote employee engagement through a motivating environment that was friendly, fun, social and family-focused. The team successfully added value to the Manaus site through improving employee retention, loyalty and satisfaction.

Jabil’s core value of Embracing Diversity & Collaborating is clearly shown through Hyandara and her team’s project. By surveying a variety of employees, they were able to ensure all had an opportunity to collaborate and share their ideas and thoughts.

If you find Hyandara saying “Good morning!” in a cheery way, that’s because she believes beginning the morning that way attracts happiness. Perhaps she learned that piece of advice from her grandfather, her hero.

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  1. Diego Miguel says:

    Tenho um orgulho enorme por Patricia Hyandara e sua equipe, tenho conhecimento do excelente trabalho que desenvolvem. Trabalhei na Jabil Site Manaus durante quase 3 anos, esse foi meu primeiro passo na carreira de Recursos Humanos, quando Jovem Aprendiz e Estagiário de Desenvolvimento de RH pude participar dos trabalhos ali desenvolvidos, há uma grande paixão por tudo o que se faz aqui, por isso a planta é tão bem sucedida e os colaboradores maravilhosos!!! Amo a Jabil, vai ficar pra sempre em meu coração.

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