Penang IT Launches Joules Program: Onward and Upward!

From left to right: Patricia Lim (Senior Business Management Director, EMS); Marco Pilosio (Senior IT Manager, Jabil Green Point); May Yap (VP and Divisional CIO, Jabil Green Point); Fen Shern Yoong (Senior IT Director, Global IT); Jolene Ng (Senior IT Director, Jabil Green Point); and Sin Yong Cheong of the Leadership Development Program lead for the inaugural Jabil Joules Power Hour in Penang.


The inaugural Jabil Joules Power Hour event organized by the Information Technology (IT) team and led by Year 1 trainees in the Leadership Development Program took place on April 12th in Penang, Malaysia.

Held at Jabil’s Global Business Center in Penang’s GBS@Mayang Mall, the event was the second of four events to be hosted this year by the global IT team, with two in St. Petersburg and two in Penang, with a goal to contribute meaningfully to the conversations of diversity, inclusion and empowerment. The Penang event’s theme “Make Your Voice Heard” focused on how the 70 employees in attendance can be active team players at work by communicating in an engaging way.

According to Gary Cantrell, chief information officer of IT and senior vice president, “We saw Jabil Joules as an opportunity for our own local leaders to inspire our younger employees and share how they got to where they are today, encouraging them to always move forward. By partnering with the Jabil Joules team in St. Petersburg, the team in Penang was coached and mentored by Beth Walters, the founder of Jabil Joules, on how best to engage and connect with employees.”

Delivering the keynote speech was May Yap, vice president and division chief information officer for Jabil Green Point. With a wealth of leadership experience in IT management, operations and governance, May has experienced first-hand what it means to be career-oriented while also balancing life and being a mother.

She emphasized the importance of being resilient in the face of challenges, whether personal or professional: “do your homework,” let leadership be your sponsor, and speak your audience’s language to better connect with them. May said, “There will be times when you feel discouraged or undermined. It is times like these that you need to have the confidence and conviction to keep going.”

The panel discussion that came after May’s session dove deeper into these topics by covering four points critical to making your voice heard: be prepared, have confidence, listen before you speak and focus on the solution. Moderated by May, panelists included Patricia Lim, senior business management director; Jolene Ng, senior IT director; Marco Pilosio, senior IT manager; and Fen Shern Yoong, senior IT director. With a combined 80 years of working experience, the panel encouraged participants to take the lead and shared tips on how to overcome career challenges.

Kumaradeva Maniveloo, IT relationship manager, attended the event and shared, “I was surprised at how engaging and thought-provoking the event was. The tips were extremely helpful in helping us increase our influence and driving impact, which resonated deeply with everyone. I look forward to attending the next one!”

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