Réka Aczél: Bravely Facing the Challenges

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Réka Aczél, Global Category Manager of Indirect Procurement at Jabil, is one of the 14 Champions actively working on our Jabil Joules initiative in Europe. Réka and her team implemented various programs that help incorporate diversity at all levels and help foster a creative culture at Jabil Tiszaujvaros, Hungary.

An Inquisitive Young Woman

At only 12 years old, Réka decided she wanted to be a software developer. While all of her classmates played on Commodore 64 computers, she was more interested in the logistics: how the background scenes were created to depict the movement of people on the screen. It was this fascination that led her to continue her studies at a technical school. In her class of more than 600 students, she was one of only 20 females.

Réka began her professional career 19 years ago at General Electric (GE), where she worked in the technical field. Her first project was to write software to support production of the fluorescent lamp. This project allowed her to gain experience about technology and process not only on the shop floor but also in other functional areas. After a few years, she changed companies and extended her areas of expertise to planning and sales and inventory control. Equipped with a thirst for knowledge, Réka values asking questions and turning every challenge into a learning opportunity.

Seeking the Right Balance

A few years ago, Réka came to the realization that she was spending too much time at work and not enough time at home with her family. With the support of her manager at the time, she sought out a coach to help her find the harmonious balance between personal life and work. While it isn’t always easy, she says remembering Anna Jozwicka’s advice to stop trying to be Miss Perfect is helpful.

The Importance of a Diverse Workplace

In her current position, she is faced with the challenges of working with individuals from different countries, different cultures and in varying time zones. Reka 2However, she enjoys being a part of such a highly diversified team that leverages different personalities and skill sets. She is tasked with different jobs on a regular basis – one day she could be working on a forklift related tender, and the next she is concentrating on a medical service related project. She is motivated by doing different jobs and identifying optimum solutions for all sites.

Launching Jabil Joules in Tiszaujvaros

New to Hungary, the Jabil Joules team is still in the development stage. However, the events that have taken place thus far have contributed to making Jabil’s community a stronger and better place. Almost a year ago, Tiszaujvaros management team (Human Resources, Finance, Business, Functions and Operations) fully supported the Jabil Joules initiative by painting dedicated parking places for pregnant colleagues on site. By understanding the needs of others, the team is actively seeking ways to help the local community and is looking forward to future involvement including Breast Cancer Awareness Month and handcrafting decorations with employees’ kids around the holidays.

Réka and the rest of the Tiszaujvaros Joules team are currently working on developing a Jabil camp program to provide a safe place for children to go daily during their 11-week summer break while their parents are working.

The Joules team takes pride in sharing stories and best practices across all Jabil sites. “We have a lot to learn. We don’t always see the end of the road, but we always find our way,” says Réka, “I’m very excited with what we will accomplish by supporting each other!”

20150905_aczelreka (1) (1)Réka Aczél is a Global Category Manager in Indirect Procurement at Jabil. She joined Jabil in 2010, after spending four years on maternity leave with her daughter and son. Prior to Jabil, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Financial Management from the Budapest College of Management (AVF) and has an additional degree in Computer Programming. She started her career at General Electric 19 years ago and has since served in many roles across different functional departments including HR, Logistics, Planning, Sales, Inventory Control and Purchasing. Réka is also Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Silver certified. 

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  1. Great article Reka! So glad to see TIS recognised as part of Jabil Joules! Collaboration, as you rightly say, is key. Thank you for this contribution.


  2. Balance of work and life sounds like a challenge for me
    is there a training on how to achieve this?

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