Sakshi Yadav: Lean Scheduling for Demand-Driven Production

San Jose Master Planner Sakshi Yadav, had the opportunity to represent her team’s “Lean Scheduling for Demand-Driven Production” project at Jabil’s 2016 Deliver Best Practices global competition in St. Petersburg, Florida, and was extremely excited to advance to the next level.

Yadav and her team in San Jose noticed increasing backlog due to ineffective work order planning and improper execution in the front-end of production. This led to project builds not starting on time; excess inventory on the floor; lost flexibility for customers and material downtime.

The team’s goal was to implement a new scheduling system to reduce the work in progress (WIP) to a maximum of 40 hours and increase flexibility to 24 hours or less. They also wanted the process to have real time monitoring of builds and material status at all production times.

The team was able to reduce both lead times and WIP by developing a reaction plan to sustain the new scheduling process. Their new process also incorporated dashboards that include guidelines to reduce waste and increase flexibility.

The team accomplished reducing production lead time by 57 percent, WIP hours by 75 percent and resulted in avoidance cost savings of $359,000.

Congratulations to Sakshi and the San Jose team on a job well done.

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