Shantina Hwang: Innovation in Copper Usage

Shantina Hwang, Administrative Assistant at Jabil’s Green Point site in Taichung, presented her team’s project in the Social and Environmental category at this year’s Deliver Best Practices global competition. Their project, “Utmost Innovation, Least Copper“, focused on natural resource reduction and placed second in the competition.

The team closely examined the growing demand in mold manufacturing. Initially, they found that the pin gate runner, a very vital part of the mold, was consuming a huge amount of copper. In order to achieve reduced copper usage, the team developed an innovative process that has now been proliferated to all Jabil Green Point Tooling sites and continues to make a difference to our company and the environment as a whole.

Practice Makes Perfect

Upon finding out that her team had reached the finals of the Deliver Best Practices in Florida, Shantina describes her pride as “everyone has put endless effort into this project which has been recognized at  global level.” However, despite this excitement, Shantina and her team knew that there was a great deal of work to be done prior to reaching Jabil Headquarters in Florida. In order to prepare for her presentation, Shantina focused on doing so, to the best of her ability in the two months leading up to the competition. In the first month, she had to cut down the presentation from 25 slides to just 13. It was also vital for her to come up with several eye-catching and closing ideas in order to capture and hold the attention of her audience. In the second phase of preparation, Shantina rehearsed her presentation and refined it after each rehearsal. She recalls receiving a great deal of advice in rehearsals not just regarding the project content but also in presentation skills.

The Week in Florida

A particular highlight of the competition week in Florida for Shantina was the speech coaching activity that took place prior to the presentations. She describes this activity as “a great chance to learn her strengths and weaknesses in presenting.” The most helpful guidance that Shantina received during this session was how to present more precisely in the short time-frame available during the final presentation. Being a presenter has improved Shantina’s confidence through the encouraging words and support of her Jabil colleagues and has given her the opportunity to build and extend her network. The Deliver Best Practices finals in Florida, Shantina said has “given me the chance to meet different people, who otherwise I would not have met.” Building her network and meeting new people are what Shantina believes will be influential to her future career with Jabil.

Not Just a Competition

Shantina hopes that everyone gets the chance to take part in Deliver Best Practices at some stage of their career and for her, “it’s not just a competition; it is getting to know Jabil better and making Jabil even greater.” She notes that she has made connections through this sharing platform and has gained more personally and professionally rather than just sharing ideas, she has really
internalized these best practices. As a female driver of this particular project that got to the final stages of the competition, Shantina urges more females to participate as she believes that they have an “advantage in elaborating ideas, so just be confident and be yourself.” She advises females to use your smile to give a sense of friendliness as a smile travels.

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