STEPing Ahead and Bringing Others With Her: Aleksandra Obiedzinska

Congratulations to Aleksandra Obiedzinska, Senior Business Unit Manager from the Jabil site in Kwidzyn, Poland, who is one of Jabil’s 2017 STEP Ahead Awards nominees. Her manager, Stuart Green, said her significant contributions to the manufacturing industry began from the start of her career with Jabil in 2000. Beginning as a Quality Engineer, she has climbed the ladder moving through various roles from Project Lead, Business Development Manager and Business Unit Manager, before her current role. In 2014, Aleksandra was promoted to Senior Business Unit Manager as recognition for running multiple customers and securing a significant new customer in more than one operational location. She remains the most senior Business Development Manager in Europe.

One of her main career highlights, according to Stuart Green, was when Aleksandra acquired a completely new customer in Poland, in a sector that Jabil had not previously had success. “She not only landed them, but within two years she had ramped them up to approximately $100m from zero, including over sixty new products,” emphasized Stuart.

Building a Talent Pipeline  

“Aleksandra has continually been trying to create a conveyor belt of talent on her team, which enables her to grow the team and have options to move team members from one role to another but also be able to service the career objectives of valuable team members,” said Green, a Senior Business Unit Director.

The development of others is highly important to Aleksandra and her mentorship of employees demonstrates this passion. Not only does she mentor employees at work in line with the requirements of her business, but with her skills in this area, she has coached manufacturing engineers into senior project managers and buyers into business unit coordinators. According to those who have worked with Aleksandra, she has an open door philosophy which even those outside of her team use and look to her for advice.

Personal Success 
No only has Aleksandra make a significant impact in her professional career, but she also does so in her local community. Three years ago she became a triathlete in which she participated and won several national and international titles. Even with the pressure of her busy career, she has found the right balance in order to train for these events. Aleksandra is currently head of the board of KTS Ironman, a local triathlon club in Kwidzyn where she has collected numerous first and second place awards. Having a leadership role on the board, she has managed to secure sponsorship for the team from the local government and from Jabil in the form of equipment and race apparel.

Congratulations Aleksandra – for making a difference!

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  1. WOW! Congrats Aleksandra!!
    Working in business and be a triathlete at the same time, it is amazing. I work in business too, since 2003, and has been so difficult to me, to get time and energy enough to make some work out after work. I tried last year but I quit 3 months later. You are awesome!

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