Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Benefits You & Supports the Business


By: Angeline Tan, senior business unit director  


Even after more than 10 years at Jabil, I feel as though I’m still developing my career plan. It correlates well with my most previous job in strategic planning, a function that supports an organization’s planning process from business priorities and where we focus our resources to ensuring successful operations and employee well being. It’s a department of goal setting, strategizing and evaluating – a similar approach you should take to reviewing your career goals. 

Personally, I’m continuously re-evaluating my goals and strategically aligning my experiences with my future professional needs.

Starting my career in information technology with software developers and consultants, I assumed my career would be bound to the field indefinitely. However, after a few years, I was restless and felt the need to step out of my comfort zone, deciding to relocate, learn other skills, and experience new cultures and ways of life.

… the culture at Jabil welcomes the idea. My advice

to employees is to make the most advantage of this.

I joined Jabil in 2006 as a project engineer and began carving my path throughout the company, including business development, operations, finance, strategic planning and back to business where I am today. One of the biggest benefits for working for a global company like Jabil is the opportunity to take on different roles in diverse functions and learn a variety of skills. It’s not something every company can provide its employees, but the culture at Jabil welcomes the idea. My advice to employees is to make the most advantage of this.

Over the years, each job rotation helped me better understand my peers’ roles and the overall business strategy. Then, ironically, I was in a role where I integrate all these cross-functional teams to assimilate their knowledge and facilitate the crafting of Jabil Green Point’s divisional long-term strategic planning. By joining other teams, it served as a chance to network and gave me the benefit of connecting with diverse people who have unique ideas. I started to see things from different perspectives, which helped me reduce my own bias and increase my cultural knowledge.

Take a leap of faith in yourself

I’ve recently taken on the role as Senior Business Unit Director and continue to strategize, connect and re-evaluate my career path. By changing roles and working with different people in various environments, I challenge myself to overcome routine ways of thinking and sharpen my performance. I encourage other employees to follow suit and take a leap of faith in yourself, join a different functional team, expand your knowledge base and help the business grow alongside you.

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  1. it’s great to read about how you took a ‘leap of faith’ and believed in yourself … it’s the ultimate strength … stepping out of a comfort zone can change everything!

  2. reading this motivational article, we know there is always a better way to strive ourselves to be the best!

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