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Where are They Now? Emily Zhu from Wuxi

Prior to the Deliver Best Practices competition, Emily Zhu regarded herself as a shy person. While participating in Jabil’s 2016 global continuous improvement competition, she learned the benefits of being part of a team and being vocal about her opinions. “Now, I find myself trying to work in a team  more often, and I encourage others to do the same,”  Emily said. The competition taught her it’s  important  to share ideas among your peers and acknowledge the diversity of others’ ideas because that’s what makes efficient change and that’s what Jabil is built on. As she said, “It’s all about connecting and collaborating with those around you!”  

Although the competition is a long process, it was a year of learning and growing. This experience of recognizing a need for change, implementing an improvement project and presenting her idea to senior leaders was the most valuable opportunity she has gotten so far in her career. “My work life has changed a lot since Deliver Best Practices last year,” Emily said. “Lately, I’ve had more chances to work with management, and now I feel confident around them after spending a whole week interacting with Jabil’s leaders at the competition’s final round.” 

Besides emphasizing the importance of connecting with diverse groups of coworkers,  Emily also stresses educating and passing down lessons learned, as she has done when others come to her for guidance. “I encouraged them to do trial presentations in front of their peers. It’s important to consider the advice given, but I also mentioned it’s important to keep your own style when presenting,” she said. Emily learned at the final round that it’s good for the presentation to be business-like but also keep it unique and personal so it can be memorable. Deliver Best Practices, which is about improving processes, ended up setting Emily Zhu down a path of personal continuous growth.  

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