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Joules Shine at Jabil’s 2016 Deliver Best Practices Competition

Congratulations to our three female first place winners of the 2016 Deliver Best Practice Competition! Emily Zhu, EHS Technician, represented her team from Wuxi Metal in winning first place in the Social & Environmental category for their “Reduce… Read More

From Around the Web: Why There Are Still Few Women Leaders in Tech

Diversity of talent and gender equality in the workplace is something many of today’s companies aim to achieve. Over the years, progressive fields like technology have established broader career opportunities which have opened the doors for female employees… Read More

From Around the Web: How Female Millennials Can Build Trust at Work

Challenging organizational barriers is something Jabil Joules is committed to, sometimes with brute force, in order to bolster the representation of females in leadership, operations and corporate counsel roles. One common organizational barrier females entering the workforce face… Read More

May Zhao: Embracing Diversity & Collaborating for our Employees

May Zhao, Human Resources Manager at Jabil Shanghai, tends to be shy. When she presented on behalf of her team during the 2015 Deliver Best Practices Competition, however, she spoke with confidence, grace and knowledge. May was anything… Read More

May Lin: Helping to Improve Our Communities & Environment

May Lin, Line Supervisor at Taichung Tooling, understands the importance of improving our communities and the environment. May and her seven project members identified an increase in power consumption and high CO2 emissions at their site. With a… Read More