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How Beth Walters Got to the Boardroom: Video Post

Part 3 of 6 In the third video post of our 6-part series, Beth explains her goal of getting Tom Sansone into Jabil’s boardroom and steps she took to achieve this goal. By creatively focusing her work and… Read More

Video Post: Beth Walters’ Early Days, An Interesting Start

Part 2 of 6 In the second post of our 6-part video series highlighting the Jabil Joules Power Hour with Beth Walters, Beth shares how her early days at Jabil were anything but smooth sailing. With the challenge… Read More

Beth Walters’ Journey to Jabil: Video Post

Part 1 of 6 Recently Jabil Joules hosted another Power Hour at Jabil’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, FL. The creator of the Jabil Joules program and blog, Beth Walters, Senior Vice President of Communications and Investor Relations, spoke… Read More

Why Should Men Care About Gender Equality At Work

A higher representation of women in senior positions at various organizations across the world has proven to deliver stronger organization and financial performance as well as a better corporate governance. Considering the fact that women make up 50… Read More