Test Your Mental Strength

Jabil Joules introduced the topics of mental strength and mental agility a few posts ago, and now here are some ways to determine your current level of mental strength. We scoured the Internet for a sampling of resources that provide insights on your current level of mental strength and ability. Being mentally strong can drive personal success at Jabil, so utilize the quizzes and puzzles below to maintain good brain health.

How Fit is your Brain?

The first quiz comes from Oprah.com, the website of Oprah Winfrey. This 7-question multiple-choice quiz takes approximately 5 minutes, and no calculator or scrap paper is required. Instead, the quiz asks questions regarding the quiz taker’s habits, to infer the health of your brain. Following the quiz, an explanation of each question is provided, detailing the reason why that particular question was asked. If you’d like to take Oprah’s quiz, check out this link: http://www.oprah.com/health/Brain-Fitness-Quiz-Test-Your-Mental-Strength.


This 24-question quiz has been around for awhile, first being published in the May/June 1981 issue of Games Magazine. Back then it was called the Equation Analysis Test, and now it is billed as a test of your mental flexibility and mental agility, having no insight into your IQ or math talent. This quiz combines numbers and letters, with an example question and answer as follows: “26 = L. of the A” with the answer being “letters of the alphabet.” There is no time restriction associated with this quiz, so it’s your choice on how little or how much time you want to spend on it. All answers are provided following the questions; however, no explanation regarding how your score compares to others’ exists. If you’d like to take the quiz, visit this site: http://www.edudemic.com/24-questions-that-test-your-mental-agility/.

Mental Agility Puzzle

If you’re looking for a short puzzle to exercise your brain, this is a great option. To begin the puzzle, you are given a code word and each letter of that word is represented by a number. For example, if the code word was JABIL, then the number 1 would be associated with the letter ‘J’ and the number 5 would be associated with the letter ‘L.’ The puzzle consists of 5 questions that contain a series of numbers. The object of the puzzle is to figure out the word that the numbers represent. The catch? You cannot look at or write down the code word. If you’re in the mood to work both your language and mathematical skills, check out this quick puzzle: http://www.clarity-media.co.uk/mental-agility.php.

Rule the Mind

This last quiz is made up of 20 questions, and has a time limit of 15 minutes. The questions range from how to spell certain words to solving math problems. Make sure to grab a piece of scrap paper or a calculator, as the math questions are complex. The results of this quiz are a bit underwhelming; they share how many questions you got correct and a brief, one sentence comment regarding your mental strength, based on the results. The quiz doesn’t share any best practices for increasing your score or share the answers you got wrong, either. The quiz can be found here: http://www.rulethemind.com/quiz5.htm.

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