The Importance of Diversity Awareness From a Young Age


Championing Jabil Joules at Jabil Vienna

Katharina Deli is part of the Human Resources team at Jabil Vienna, Austria and is responsible for talent development, school partnerships, recruitment and HR training. In addition, she champions the Jabil Joules program in Vienna. Most recently, she was in charge of launching and coordinating “Corporate Child Care Week,” offering free childcare at the office for one week in August. This event was a huge success for the site: it supported the site’s employees who have children during the summer period and allowed their young children to learn about what their parents do at Jabil and give them an insight into the manufacturing industry.

Diversity Awareness Since Childhood

As a female soccer player who started playing at the age of six, Katharina started noticing the gender imbalance when she turned 12 and was the only female in her team. Since her childhood, gender diversity has been a prominent part of her life and this continued when she joined the workforce. She’s worked for various technology companies and noticed early on that only a few females reach leadership positions. Katharina believes there are “many young women who are doing a great job, but are often not brave enough to aim for a leadership role.” This is why being part of a the Jabil Joules program is very personal and important to Katharina as it provides her the opportunity to champion diversity at her site and help close the gender gap within technology companies in Vienna.

Importance of a Hobby

Being a keen soccer player, Katharina is very passionate about this sport and still today continues to train 2-3 times per week as part of a female soccer team. When she was 10 years old, she was awarded with the title of “best player in the tournament.” This is one of her proudest achievements and she feels that “playing football allows her to get a clear head, calm down and destress after a busy day.” She strongly believes that it is crucial to make time for hobbies. She ensures to organize her time efficiently and when needed being flexible. During busy work weeks, she still makes sure to go to practice at least once per week – it’s a good way to spend quality time with her close friends and get some exercise.


In addition to being a Jabil Joules Champion, Katharina is currently taking part in an external women’s leadership program, which is designed for women who are already in or have the potential to be in leadership positions. “You can speak about topics that you can’t always discuss in front of males,” believes Katharina and this is helping her to develop her leadership skills and confidence.

She believes that the best piece of career advice she has been given is to be the female “triple A: Authentic, Attractive and Extraordinary (in German außergewöhnlich).” Attractive is meant in the sense that women have to make sure that they are heard at meetings and not to be afraid to speak up and say something. She carries out her professional life by trying to follow the triple A rule.  

Advice to Femaleskatharina-story

“Dare yourself more to reach out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you every day,” is her piece of advice to women. She thinks that women are often too modest and should tell themselves regularly that, “I am good at my job and I can do this well.” This is an important part of self reflection and the way to become more confident in your abilities.

Katharina Deli is currently a HR Generalist at the Jabil site in Vienna, where she has been working at for four years. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, specializing in Human Resources and later completed her Master’s degree. During her studies, she spent one semester abroad in Denmark.

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