Thinking Creatively to Solve a Serious Problem: Karina Xie

Karina Xie, Human Resource Manager at the Wuxi Green Point site, thinks creatively. When individuals were impersonating Jabil employees in order to enter the Wuxi facility, Xie and her team got to work.

Their Deliver Best Practices project, “Don’t Forget to Bring Your Face,” details how the team implemented facial verification procedures to avoid the falsification of employee attendance. The team collected information during recruitment and the facility is now able to ensure each employee’s unique identity during all stages of employment.

Think creatively, one of Jabil’s core values, accurately summarizes how Xie and her team developed a solution to a serious security problem. Falling under the Ingenuity pillar of Jabil’s core values, the ability to think creatively is vital in an industry with an accelerating pace of change. The security of Jabil’s customers is of utmost important to all Jabil employees, so Xie and her team had to work quickly and accurately.

Jabil’s open door policy is Xie’s favorite part of Jabil’s company culture. “If I have a problem and I reach out to someone for help, even if they’re not directly related to my work, they’ll help me,” said Xie.

Similar to the lead character in her favorite movie, Forrest Gump, Xie gets inspiration from communicating with different people.

Xie represented her team in the Human Development category of the Deliver Best Practices competition.

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