Tina Liu: Glue Innovation Yields Employee Benefits

Tina Liu, a Business Unit Manager at Jabil’s site in Tianjin, China, was awarded second place in the Operations category at the annual Deliver Best Practices finals in Florida. Tina felt extremely lucky to have the opportunity to represent her team’s project at the global competition. Tina was excited about to visit Jabil Headquarters in Florida as she loves to travel to new places and experience different cultures.

The goal of her team’s project was to optimize the glue assembly by 70 percent and to provide a healthier and more ergonomically-friendly work environment for employees. The Tianjin Plastic team cooperated with the automation team to develop a software that allows for mistake proofing. When an abnormality is found, production is stopped immediately to fix the issue. The project was successful in achieving significant cost savings for the site and is expected to be implemented at other sites around the globe.

Team Support

Teamwork was key in preparations for Florida. Tina spent about one month with her team practicing and perfecting the project presentation. The team offered great support with videos, images and delivery of the presentation. Tina was proud to showcase her team’s success to the rest of Jabil, sharing how their project was helping to drive Jabil to be more efficient and profitable.

Tina’s Advice

Tina urges females to challenge themselves and accept every new task offered, just like she did. The competition has encouraged Tina to gain more experiences in the role of a presenter and has given her a great deal of confidence in doing so. 

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