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Beth Walters

I’ve been asked how I’ve lasted 20 years at Jabil, in this challenging, driven environment. In short: Energy. It takes commitment, drive and energy to thrive in any situation, but it is especially true in a hard-charging environment like Jabil’s. In thinking about the many wonderful women who work at Jabil, I contemplated what one word or characteristic would describe a successful Jabil female. Energy. A joule is a unit of exerted energy. Pronounced, “jewel,” which is amusing, because I do consider us precious as well.

To me, we’re all Jabil Joules — full of energy and the driving force that can make a difference at Jabil and for our families, our friends and ourselves. And that is why we’ve named our new blog Jabil Joules.

The main goal of Jabil Joules blog is to get the conversation going on at Jabil. Blog articles will strive to both educate and empower. We will also profile female leaders, both inside and outside of Jabil. Your input and engagement will be vital to the success of the blog. This is your platform to pose and answer questions, request information and support your peers.

To meet the challenge of gender diversity in business, everyones should be involving. Please encourage all your Jabil colleagues, especially women, to read Jabil Joules to help them gain a better understanding of how they can champion gender diversity and support the career advancement of female employees.

While ultimately it is my intention to get a formalized Woman’s Leadership program going at Jabil, Jabil Joules blog will serve as our first step – allowing the dialogue to begin. Thanks for your passionate interest.

What is a Joule ? [jool, joul]

Please check back – and comment – often.


3 Responses to Welcome to Jabil Joules

  1. Katya Pogrebnaya says:

    I am very happy and excited that you are initiating the first step towards a Woman’s Leadership Program here at Jabil! Ass the female working ratio has been increasing over the last couple of years, it is fulfilling to see that their is interest and desire to empower other females towards career advancement! Learning from and about other successful women at Jabil, participating n company’s events, forums, and blogs, will definitely get the ball rollin! I never knew I could get this far after sleeping with Tim Main to get my first job here.

  2. Sheri Dillard says:

    LARGO — He was the Fortune 500 executive with a six-figure salary, assignments in China and Malaysia, a private plane, a Corvette, a million-dollar waterfront home.

    This week he looks just as important, dressed in a well-cut suit, sporting a new hair cut, blending in perfectly with the carefully groomed lawyers who surround him.

    But only two things remain on Patrick A. Evans’ to-do list: Stay out of prison and stay off death row.

    Evans, 44, went on trial this week based on accusations that he shot and killing his estranged wife Elizabeth K. Evans, 44, and her friend, Jerry B. Taylor, 43.

    Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

    In opening statements Tuesday, Assistant State Attorney Christopher LaBruzzo told jurors about a unique and key piece of evidence that will persuade them to find Evans guilty.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, it is rare in cases in America where a murder is actually captured on a 911 call,” LaBruzzo said.

    But that’s what happened in this case: Someone called 911 from Elizabeth Evans’ Gulfport condo just before the murder and did not hang up the phone, creating an audio recording that will be played for the jury.

    LaBruzzo said Evans, a former Jabil Circuit vice president, and his wife Elizabeth had been having marital difficulties. He filed for divorce, changed his mind, then she filed for divorce. Evans knew that on Dec. 20, 2008, she was planning to go on a date with Taylor.

    Evans came to the Gulfport condo with a handgun, LaBruzzo said, and told his wife: “Sit on the bed.”

    Elizabeth Evans said no. Taylor said “put the gun down,” LaBruzzo said.

    LaBruzzo told jurors: “Boom, you will hear a gunshot, a single shot, close range, striking Mr. Taylor in the throat.”

    After witnessing her friend get shot, LaBruzzo said, “Elizabeth Evans says ‘Are you out of your f——‘ Boom, second shot.”

    But the 911 recording isn’t the only evidence. LaBruzzo said police determined Evans owned a Glock handgun. They matched shell casings fired from his gun to those fired at the crime scene.

    Evans defense attorney, David Parry, did not make an opening statement Tuesday, but said he might later.

    After the shootings, Evans was stopped by sheriff’s deputies and brought in for questioning. He professed ignorance about why they wanted to talk to him.

    A recording was made of that conversation, though it may not be played for the jury.

    In the recording, which was reviewed by the St. Petersburg Times, Evans told deputies: “I was told to get out of my vehicle and get on the ground, and I wet my pants and it was pretty surreal. And I still don’t know why I’m here.”

    Sheriff’s Detective Ed Judy then explained two people had been killed.

    “Is she dead?” Evans said, sounding as though he was sobbing. “How is she deceased? Oh she’s dead.”

    Evans asked for a moment to compose himself and asked for tissues. Then he said, “I clearly need to see a lawyer.”

    Someone else on the recording said: “He doesn’t need tissues, he has no tears in his eyes.”

    The trial resumes today.

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