What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Do you feel like there is not enough time in the morning? You are not alone.  A morning may be a terrible thing to waste, but that is exactly what so many of us do, according to time-management expert Laura Vanderkam.

Over the years Vanderkam has seen countless calendars and schedules belonging to people who have experienced success in their careers. After studying their morning habits, Vanderkam developed an e-book titled, What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

In the e-book Vanderkam lays out some of the things go-getters do before most people finish their first cup of coffee.

Although you can make a morning ritual out of anything you like, Vanderkam suggests “…the best morning rituals are activities that don’t have to happen and certainly don’t have to happen at a specific hour. These are activities that require internal motivation. The payoff isn’t as immediate…but when practiced regularly, result in long-term benefits.”

Vanderkam found that the most successful people use their mornings for nurturing their careers, nurturing their relationships and nurturing themselves; something that many Jabil Joules have already put into practice.

Nurture Your Career

The early morning hours can be a great time to do some heavy lifting by working on a top-priority project. There will most likely be fewer interruptions than there are later in the day, which will allow for focused work. Many also report feeling fresher and more creative in the morning.

Of course, some people do find that dealing with the rest of the world in the morning works for them and choose to tackle their inboxes.

“I wake up at 4:20am and spend 30 minutes reviewing emails and my calendar,” said Teresa Johansen, Jabil’s Global Compliance Manager, based in  St. Petersburg. “By checking my emails in the early morning hours I am able to provide better service to non-US partners with earlier response times and it allows me to reschedule meetings or reallocate my time to accommodate any urgent matters that may arise overnight.”

Nurture Your Relationships

For many families, getting out the door every morning is nothing short of a miracle, but this does not have to be the case. Although people are always discussing how important family dinner is, there is nothing special about dinner in particular. Family breakfasts can be a great substitute for the evening meal, especially when young kids want to eat early and one or both parents work later hours.

“Ever since my son entered elementary school I make it a point to eat breakfast with him for at least 20 minutes every morning,” said Krisztina Krisztina HeintzHeintz, Site Quality Manager in Tiszaujvaros. “Breakfast is a time to bring our family together to start the day off right. We usually discuss our dreams from the night before and the day’s agenda. During our discussion I try to use positive affirmations for my son so that he can have a good start to his day.”

Even if you do not have children, the morning hours can be a great time to nurture your relationship with your spouse, other family members or close friends.

Nurture Yourself

The majority of the people that Vanderkam studied made sure that exercise was incorporated into their morning routines and with good reason. Over the years, research has suggested that morning exercise has more beneficial effects than exercising at other times. One study, from Appalachian State University, indicated that people who work out first thing in the morning doze off faster and have less disruptive sleep than those who exercise later in the day.

Daisy PuDaisy Pu, Plant Controller in Jabil’s Shanghai site, incorporated exercise into her morning routine about a year ago when she found that she had little time for fitness in the evening hours. Since making the adjustment in her schedule, Daisy has experienced some positive results. “It keeps me energized, lifts my spirits and keeps me healthy,” said Daisy.

Exercise, of course, is not the only way to nurture yourself. Any activity that helps to clear your mind and reduce stress will work just as well.

Building Morning Habits That Stick

If you have big goals, but remain a slave to a chaotic morning schedule, you can still make over your morning to make these goals happen.  Think about how you could use your mornings. Once you decide, building small rituals can help you accomplish great things. “When you make over your mornings, you can make over your life,” says Vanderkam.

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