Where are They Now? Elaine Zhou from Shanghai

For Elaine Zhou, Deliver Best Practices is a long-term commitment. Starting her involvement with this global continuous improvement competition in 2014, she and her team won first place for their management system created to balance logistics. Since then, Elaine has mentored other teams that are competing. “I share my experiences with the teams who are participating in the competition, so they can all learn how to think ‘lean’ and be successful both professionally and personally,” Elaine said.

Given that her original project is being replicated in sites throughout Asia, the knowledge she has to offer is quite substantial. She has a passion to educate future participants at Shanghai and ensure they benefit from Deliver Best Practices as much as she has. Since winning, she’s been promoted twice and is now the Regional Logistics Manager and in charge of two sites in China.

She attributes her success to being innovative, which is a skill she learned at her first competition. “Everything about the event was creative, from the projects and presenters, to the events and organizers,” she said. Elaine remembers how at ease she felt surrounded by like-minded global counterparts and being in that collaborative environment. “While I was at the competition, I noticed how innovative improvements have become part of every Jabil employees’ DNA,” she said. “When I got back to Shanghai, I did my best to pass that along to not only the next year’s participants but to all the employees.”

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