Where are They Now? Georgina De Loza from Guadalajara

Being involved with Jabil’s Deliver Best Practices, a global continuous improvement competition, provided  Georgina De Loza with invaluable opportunities. In 2015, her project “Women Empowered” tied for first place in the Social & Environmental Responsibility category, and from there, things only got better! “Winning Deliver Best Practices completely changed my life both in a professional and personal way,” she said. At the time, she was a communications coordinator at Jabil’s facility in Guadalajara, and this was her first experience interacting with Corporate on a global project. Due to her project’s success and her work ethic, she’s since been promoted into a corporate position as Regional  Communications Manager for Latin America.  

Georgina left the competition with a strong impression of Jabil’s collaborative atmosphere, recognizing the diversity within the company. “When everyone works together and combines their unique abilities toward the common goal of improvement, the results are amazing,” she said. Continuing this spirit of collaboration, she has applied it to her Jabil Joules work.  

While she expanded her passion for empowering women into all of Jabil’s Latin America sites, Georgina also works with the local government, nonprofits and other local companies to build a more inclusive future in her community. “Being a Joule is my superpower,” she said. “It gives me an immense feeling of pride to be able to inspire  women to help them grow in their careers.” Her focus with Jabil Joules has been to  connect women to the right people, the right resources and each other.  

Thankful for all the doors Deliver Best Practices competition has opened, Georgina feels a strong bond to the competition and has mentored many of the Latin American teams.  And she must be doing something right because this year the region has teams in all four categories.

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