Yuxin “Queenie” Qian: Safety First

BK8A2996Safety First is by far one of the most important and crucial aspects of Jabil’s culture. Being mindful of the well-being and health of our employees is essential to the success of our organization. When Department Clerk Yuxin “Queenie” Qian at Jabil Green Point in Wuxi, China, and her team recognized a problem that endangered the state of our workforce, they went above and beyond to find a solution to correct the problem.

Queenie won 3rd place while representing her team in the Social and Environmental Responsibility category at the 2015 Deliver Best Practices Competition. The team’s project exemplified making safety in the workplace a number one priority.

The team discovered that transporting heavy products and equipment from one location to the next created a hazard on the production floor. Queenie’s team found that 38% of job incidents occur due to manual transportation of equipment, while 65 percent of those incidents caused spinal injuries.

The team’s goal was to increase the efficiency of transportation and to reduce the amount of employees who take a sick leave due to negative results of the manual transportation. To achieve this, they analyzed current operations using Lean Six Sigma techniques. After identifying problem areas, they leveraged a previous Jabil Memphis handling device project to base their solution on. For their design, they wanted something that way easy to handle, enforced quick clamping and, most importantly, be safer and healthier for the employees.

They developed the G-Force Intelligent Handling Device in order to transport heavy items safely, effectively and efficiently to its designated location. The handling device allows operators to lift, move and control the speed as if it were their own hands, allowing them to transport items safely while significantly reducing the risk of injuries amongst employees.

The success of the handling device was evident when they reduced sick leave from 33 to zero percent. In addition, operational efficiency increased by 67 percent and employees no longer reported backaches. With the device being implemented at the Suzhou and Tianjin plants, the team hopes to make the way in which Jabil operates safer and healthier, one plant at a time.

At 22, Queenie was this year’s youngest team representative at the Deliver Best Practices Competition. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

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  1. Steve Arksey says:

    Sounds interesting. can you supply photos and/or drawings of this device for Jabil use?

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